Zipper makes his frightful yield rewarding players for New Horizons Items crafting all the event's recipes, with a special thing, for Bunny Day. Here's everything you want to know about all of this weekend's festivities and everything you can do to prepare.

In Animal Crossing: New Horizons, the season is even briefer, ending after only one and half an hour on April 11. The recipes are tough to come by so it is very possible you haven't discovered them yet. C.J. shows around host the championship and can be found in the plaza close to the updated Resident Services construction between those times. Speak with C.J. to take part. The first effort is free but each attempt following will require a 500 bell entrance fee.

C.J. will monitor the amount of points you accumulate throughout the afternoon and at the end, he'll send you a decoration if you have met certain point thresholds. Check out the collection of all tips and Fishing Tourney prizes.

Unlike previous fishing tournaments in Animal Crossing, the fishing tourney at New Horizons doesn't depend on the size or rarity of this fish you catch but about the quantity alone. Each effort will have players grab as many fish as they can. One point is earned for every fish captured. If you've caught at least three fish, two points are rewarded. You'll need a total of 300 points, to acquire the gold fishing trophy.

On Bunny Day, Zipper stay by Resident Services for the entire day and will come back to your island. Upon talking to him, they will encourage you to craft each kind of Bunny Day DIY Recipe (excluding clothing recipes you might have learned), in addition to giving you a fresh recipe to increase the list: a Bunny Day Arch. He needs, and he'll have one last task for you - construct a Wobbling Zipper Toy. Zipper will reward you with a DIY recipe for a Bunny Day Wand once this last recipe is crafted by you.

Mythbusting In Animal Crossing: New Horizons - What's Not And What Is Real

Although the game does a good job of telling you there's still a lot which you are never told by the tutorial. So it is up to the neighborhood experiment to theorize, and notify. This can sometimes make it hard to know whether there is a rumor accurate.

From the movie above, Richie Bracamonte dives into six widespread rumors that are presently circling the New Horizons community to let you know that are real and which are only myths. There is a cheap Animal Crossing Bells good chance you will ultimately only stumble upon the answers to yourself after sufficient playtime, but we still recommend you to watch anyway--in some circumstances, such as"money trees always triple your Bells," thinking in the rumor could cost you in the long term.
Unlike previous fishing tournaments in Animal Crossing
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