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Looks like another Bernie pulled out today also.

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That is brass monkey material.

Started new thread Anyone still have their first jersey? 4/8/2020 3:30 PM

Found mine! Got this in the spring of 1981 for my innaugural mx racing season when I was 11 years old. It is still in perfect condition, they don't make gear like they used to. Moths haven't even had a bite of this thing.

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I don't know how the hell this happened... more »
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Always wondered what John Dowd could have accomplished if he had entered his first race ever before becoming a legal adult.

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I left my trials bike outside in the rain for about an hour, when I brought it in the crankcase, carb and airbox were full to the brim with water. Come to think of it, I've never seen a trials event in the rain.

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.........for eating crackers.

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Decided I need to lose about 10-15 lbs, dieting, exercising, MTB'ing and this mess has provided me with some serious motivation. Seems like fewer excuses and a lot more focus. It's gonna toughen us all up a bit. Reading lots of books, working around ... more »

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Package/liquor stores still open in CT and it comes as no surprise at all. A lot of distributors and importers are headquartered in CT and they've been in bed with the state for decades.

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This phuk is after the AOTY award.

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You guys are obviously confusing OTD price with DTR price. You see, OTD stands for Out the Door. That only gets it to the parking lot. If you actually want to bring the bike home, you have to pay the DTR or Down the Road price. There's a huge difference. ... more »

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I've been reading the Ian Rutledge stories by the author Charles Todd. A fantastic series about crime and murder mysteries. The series is set in post World War 1 England and is riveting to say the least. If you like the stuff on PBS such as Foyles War, ... more »

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Bear in mind this is the same guy who wanted $8300 for his "modded" 2020 KX250 as seen in another

But it did come with the manual, spark plug wrench and triangle stand.
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I pity the fools downvoting this stuff, you can run but you can't hide. Weston will find you.

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Haven't heard much love for the YZ426 but my 2001 model was just fantastic. That bike suited me perfectly, in addition it was blazing fast and easy to ride, just stand up and let it eat. Not the best turning bike ever but it railed the outsides like ... more »

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Meilluers voeux Best wishes

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Back in 1992 I was gated next to John Dowd on the starting gate for a moto at The Northeast Challenge Cup race in Lewiston, ME. , right before the 5 sec board came out something went wrong and I released the clutch accidently only to wheelie over the ... more »

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Does anyone remember the film "Checkered flag or Crash". Early to mid 70's low budget film about desert and off road racing in the southwest U.S. focused on S.C.O.R.E. events. Lots of buggy and truck stuff with some bikes too.

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They banned plastic bags in CT about 6 months ago and honestly it's no big deal. I dont miss them and their seems to be less mess around.

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Try some liquid courage next time,LOL just kidding. Just grab a big handful and send it. Then you'll wonder what the big deal was.