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2 words: El Hombre

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I'll bet he has a boatload of prior debt to cover also, and he is trying to keep from drowning in it. Not really what you want to be thinking about when in the whoops or lining up the triple. Maybe someone can dig up the video where Magoo insists the ... more »

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The main difference with Reed than the others is he will race when he is not 100%. Which unfortunately for the last few years is most of the time.

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I think its just a s bizzare that he bailed as it was that signed up for it in the first place. Maybe he felt bad about all that he helped KTM accomplish and what the've done for him put him on a guilt trip.

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Just a sidebar, does anyone else think Kyle seems a little racier this year?

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You guys are impossible to get a hold of.

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Training wheels?