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Winning every race but two and finish second in those two is a little different than the way Anderson won his SX title. He also has 90(or 91?) GP wins. That ought to bring you into the conversation no matter how often you get hurt. When has Herlings ... more »

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Gajser has grown a lot since then though. Not saying Tomac couldn't/wouldn't beat him. Just saying Gajser doesn't get enough credit. He went from pretty mediocre on sand tracks (2016) to steady top 5's (pre 2019) to putting 20 secs on Herlings at Valkenswaard ... more »

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Lapucci seems to gel really well with that 2 stroke though. Either that or the thing is seriously overpowered compared to the 250fs

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Most of the pain/inconvenience goes away after one week. Then you get some range of motion back. Started doing therapy on the shoulder after 3 weeks. Back on the bike after 5 weeks. It was a little stiff at first but after 8 weeks the feeling was back ... more »

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One questions I have for Ryno is... where are Anderson his wins since he ditched his neckbrace? Or are we just cherry picking?

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Can't believe you missed out on them royalties, man.

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This is the closest he's ever been to a SX championship... He can even still win it this year. One start crash from Webb or a little luck on his side and the points can swing.

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Keep in mind he was in a close championship chase at that point with two rounds to go. Stress level must’ve been very high. Lot’s of people put blame on crashes but what about the amount of stress and panicking he’s going through?

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Weren't that normal prices before? Bell Moto 9 Flex is 700 euro here which is $833. 6D same price. Alpinestar SM10 is 650euro/$778. Genuinely wondering.

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#100, that’s the most Dutch name I’ve ever seen lol. Wonder how you guys would pronounce that.

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Be able to block users so you won’t see their posts. Be good to weed out a lot of trolls that way. Make posts with lots of thumb downs automatically hidden (reddit does this too). Now the feature doesn’t do much.

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The odds of someone crashing hard and spectaculair enough in a place dangerous enough to cause a red flag AND being able to carry on is pretty low. In most cases there probably would just be a medic flag (in cases where a rider crashes and is in a state ... more »

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Is this still a thing? There was a lot of hype around it initially but you see and hear nothing now anymore. A lot of dudes here posted they bought one and would provide an update, but they never followed up.

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Most pros won’t even wear a thin, lightweight chest protector. I doubt they would wear this. Unless it would become mandatory like chest protectors in the GP’s.

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Don’t jinx it please.

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Didn’t they do that in outdoors at a time? I remember there was a time where 450s ran before 250s. Not 100% sure though.

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Was just watching some old GoPro videos from a couple years back. Then all of a sudden I saw this clip with Prado blasting by on a 125. It's insane to see and also kinda witness how fast he has grown to where he is now.

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Only thing I dislike about the Shoei is how much of a PITA it is to get the center pad out and back in.

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Missed opportunity by Fox to do some very cool signature helmets.