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the Hill bro's seem to get really jump-happy in Tampa ... more »
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I could see commitment if the host countries are set to pay hefty appearance/travel fees. Privateers will be screwed most likely though unless they get setup with bikes abroad and only need to bring the essential parts.

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Thanks GuyB for the info. Hopefully they don’t try to half ass the international rounds by making them optional like they did before and have two champions at the end of the series. Listening to Steve Astephen on the latest Pulp, the money is for sure ... more »

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"Soooooo... even though we put you through the ringer and almost ruined the rest of your career, water under the bridge, right?"

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As a business guy, this sounds pretty interesting. Any Vital insiders with info? Are the OEMs finally realizing that they could hold quite a bit of power if they worked together against the the power hungry rule maker and promoter?

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I had Friese in the wildcard but then stupidly talked myself out of it 5 minutes before closing because of how deep the field is and changed to Brayton. Still came kind of close, but still a very legit ride by Friese to finish 10th with all the talent. ... more »

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Im glad a penalty was given. It would have taken very little effort to whip the bike around him as he was standing next to it to get going in the right direction again.

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Ghost Adventures is a great show, but the earlier seasons are definitely the best. I would freak out being alone in many of the places they've visited. The evidence is pretty eye opening, especially the demonic stuff they uncover because of how much ... more »

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Did a golfing trip out there with my dad back in March 2018 and snapped this photo from Carmel beach. It was a very rainy day that day and this was basically the only glimpse of sun we saw. Love that area.

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I vividly remember in the early 2000's while camping with the family at the campground above Hangtown waking up early on Saturday morning and having all the semis lined up waiting to head down to the pits. They looked so f*cking cool and it was a tradition ... more »

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I don't see Tiger catching Jack in majors, so I really hope he can close this one out and then win 1 more to pass Snead for all time Tour wins. Though many argue he's already pass Snead with some of the questionable tournaments he won that wouldn't technically ... more »

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I'm going to reserve judgement until things play out further because if this doesn't take away from the individual sponsorship they have with Reed like the Discount Tire drama or limit other CBD businesses from coming into the sport to sponsor teams/riders, ... more »

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Cocktail: Bloody Mary Beer: 805 or Corona Premier with lime

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As a note to support why Red Bull should invite Monster athletes, a quick look at RV's Instagram shows his last 5 posts all centered around his setup and involvement with RBSR. If he's not invited, then all that additional exposure to his 993K followers is ... more »

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All I know is that the Cat deserves the highest praise for his efforts in his replica bikes and gear. With JS259 last year and TP199 this year, he has nailed them perfectly.

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It’s an incredibly sad state of affairs when e-sports have no issue capturing millions of dollars in sponsorships while sports that require more than moving fingers struggle to find both sponsors and participants. As a dad of two little boys, I could ... more »

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Why shouldn't the schools pay them? It's the schools that are swimming in the cash from MASSIVE sponsorships and TV deals. We're talking $30M+ a year minimum in revenue for the P5 schools. If a school can afford to pay a coach $5M+ a year, then why can't ... more »

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While I support the idea, let's be completely honest CA lawmakers that this is all about the additional taxes and business fee revenue they'll be able to grab and not really about the college athlete's best interests. If it was then it would be all about ... more »

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This season should be epic with so many teams having a legit shot at making it to at least the conference finals. Go Dubs!

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Thankful for the broadcast on CBS Sports because I would have been pissed to drop $30 to get that viewing experience.