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Agreed 100%, Seeing the amount of lines these guys have to process, and make the right choice through shows why they are the best of the best.

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I don't have a leakdown tester. You know anywhere that will rent them like autozone.

Started new thread Compression Test 250F 2/7/2022 4:48 AM

What kind of compression reading should I look for in a 2018 KX250F with 50 hours on it. I just did a test and got 80 psi on average cold, and 100 psi average when warm (tested 3 times each). Should I replace the top end now, some people are telling ... more »

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I am no expert but Kenny seems mentally over racing. I think the injuries on top of becoming a father has really changed him. Go back to his euro days and US championships and listen to some of the interviews he did. The guy was a stone cold killer with ... more »

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Yes it absolutely can be. I immediately think about all the soccer, rugby, and cricket stadiums overseas. They provide just as much if not more capacity than American football stadiums, and I'd be willing to bet you rent them out cheaper than what NFL ... more »

Started new thread Clutch Replacement: Do you replace the steel plates ever time you do a clutch? 1/4/2022 7:51 AM

As the title says, when it comes time to do a clutch in your bike do you replace fibers and plates every time. I change mine every 30-50 hours on my 250F (slow C-rider) and have always just bought a kit with fiber and plates and replaced both. A buddy ... more »

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Anyone larger guys (190-200lbs) here switch from a 250F to a 150 two stroke, and have feedback on it, specifically low end torque feeling. I love 125's but don't have the skills to ride on the pipe around the whole track and they lack the low end toque ... more »

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Just curious to see what everyone here does to change tires without marring up their rims. I usually do a set of tires a year so i never get a lot of practice. When i first started doing my own tires i used those crappy plastic rims savers, but have ... more »

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Changing topics a little bit, but what kind of price increases have you seen are you local tracks? if any?

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i have some of that in the garage and am going to give it a shot tonight.

Started new thread getting factory finish on frame and swing arm 3/3/2020 4:58 AM

Hey Guys looking for some help here. I am putting my 2018 kx250F back together and am currently cleaning up the frame and swing arm. I hit the swingarm with WD40 and green scotch brite, which cleaning it up great, however there is some moderate scratches ... more »

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another things that popped into my head, Does anyone apply grease to the electrical connections?

Started new thread What do you grease when building a bike 2/24/2020 6:51 AM

Curious to see what the general population greases when they are doing a bike build. I personally clean bearing and hard parts with diluted purple power, then re grease them. When assembling the bike i only grease the axles, chain adjuster bolts, swing ... more »

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he is still with them, i think its just overwhelming to make the videos with their crazy scheudle. They bascially have a week to build a track, maintain it on race day, and then get it out of the stadium once the race is over. on top of that once you're ... more »

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start a supercross team, it will be fun they said

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I had a little bit of pro sport contract expeirence. What most contracts have are clauses that if met would void the team or employer of having to pay out any salary or garunteed money. These pretty much say that any high risk activity you participate ... more »

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just curious if anyone on here has a unique moto inspried tattoo. Something outside of the sprocket on your elbow, or shift lever on your foot, or shock on your calf.

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Started new thread 2018 KX250F SFF Forks 11/8/2019 5:21 AM

Does anyone have any interest in a set of take off 2018 KX250F Forks. I am reverting back to dual spring forks, and have a pair of SFF forks with 20 hours on them sitting around. I honestly don't know what they are worth or is anyone actually wants these ... more »

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super clean bike, good work on it. I really wish i could justify spending that amount on another bike.

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Does anyone have a good set of brushes they can recomend for dirtbike cleaning? I have been using a mountain bike brushe set that are good at getting into all the nooks and crannies (hubs, inner frame, cases, linake, etc..) however they are trashed after ... more »

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