Added reply in a thread Swap kicked out of SLC! 6/8/2020 3:16 PM

The riders are always cool with anyone that can give them free exposure.

Added reply in a thread Not going to complain about the commentary tonight... 6/4/2020 2:11 PM

I think the announcing and camera work is much better now. You could tell Ricky was genuinely excited to watch and happy to see Thurman win the 250 LCQ I remember years ago when Dale Jarrett won the Daytona 500 and his Dad Ned was announcing. Ned went ... more »

Added reply in a thread THURMAN981 6/3/2020 8:29 PM

So cool to watch! And the announcing was great!

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Hate to feel this way, but I arranged my weekend around watching and that was pretty disappointing. Less than an 450 B and they were playiing the tape of the feld guy interview when 250 b was started.... Ralph and Ricky looked miserably hot ... more »

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Simple answer...Ride that 125 as long as you want long as you are having fun on it! That's all that matters, there is no right or wrong, everybody is different.

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knowing this just makes it even sadder....really wanted it to be one of those 1 in a million things that just happen, but cant be planned for....RIP

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Great (re) opening weekend! We rode on Saturday and the Main is sooooo good now! There's a great group of guys out there working hard to make it happen! They are open today, Monday 5/4, then will be closed Tues, Wed, Thurs, and then open Fri thru Mon ... more »

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CoronaVirus = Big F'n Black Swan. Got it! I honestly never knew what the term represented.

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OG you cant claim to work on motorcycles without being able to spin a T-Handle and yes one for each size. Quit buying technology guys, it takes all the fun out of it. Hang em on a rack on the side of your tool box. Anyone born before 2000 will know you’re ... more »

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I visited the website just now and was surprised that they don't have a public statement/policy posted.

Added reply in a thread Coronavirus in F1: Red Bull's Helmut Marko told team's drivers to become infected 3/30/2020 4:28 PM

Amazing that someone could rise to this level of management and yet be so tone deaf and uninformed that he would think this was a good idea

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Where does the night spent in the Yuma jail fit in the time line?

Added reply in a thread Daytona Supercross - Night Show Bench Racing 3/7/2020 5:34 PM

R and R would be so much better if they would say less, but acturally think about what they say 1st

Added reply in a thread Whoops 3/7/2020 5:19 PM

Yupt, bout killed a couple 250 riders before they were tho

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Everything has progressed in the world of communication. I remember rushing to get Monday morning's paper to see who won the NASCAR race the day before... I'm thinking the Futurestars live timing platform is a beta test of whats coming for supercross...It's ... more »

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Praying for some good news on this young man. The doctors don't need much..just wiggle a toe, and they can build from there....

Added reply in a thread Why no status on Moreau? 2/17/2020 2:33 PM

So very sad....prayers for this young man as whatever the prognosis and outcome, he has a long difficult journey ahead of him

Added reply in a thread Any News on Forkner? 1/23/2020 2:36 PM

Per @zoidphotos instagramm AF52 was on the gas yesterday at StateFairMX

Added reply in a thread Will Craig Still Receive Podium Bonus? 1/6/2020 1:55 PM

The more important question is...who has the trophy?