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What's the electrical cord for? did he add electric start to the bike?

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My Grandson ordered Wheels on line for his Ford Focus ST...the order said it would ship end of March....then it changed and now says arrival date of July 19th!

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For took a full 5 years from the first drunken sketches of a track on a napkin, to opening at Lake Elsinore...Every government agency has a permitting process, some very lengthy.

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about the same. he takes over the lead with a couple laps to go because he sets up to do so at about 5 to go. he would just settle in to 2nd place for about 15 laps, stay loose, and if the race "doesn't come to him" he would start charging around lap ... more »

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Webb, Barcia, Mumford, Yoder.... I would imagine CM leaving Kawi/Mitch for Honda years ago is part of the reason he wasn't asked back.

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That 450 just keeps beating him up.......

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Grab a can of elbow grease and get to work!

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I've seen a couple of "paid" instagram sites pop up selling these. I would not be surprised if it is a scam. There were scam pages for I think some sort of water jet craft a few months ago.. Price is awfully low for the size of the rug...and anyone who ... more »

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Did you look in to the person you bought it from...the thieves might just be "associated" with the seller...

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pay a trainer hundreds of dollars, and make sure somebody is on a 2 way radio with you, yelling at you all the time! JK... Watch and study other, faster riders, and do what they to them, they will help. Make sure you know what gear to do a ... more »

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Ive got FB on Insta. He's currently back at his hometrack, Barona Oaks, taking care of the track. His daughter rides and races.

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I bet Bill's pipe in Corona still has all their old jigs....

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Mammoth Mountain mx website shows dates of June 18-27, 2021 for the race

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This is the best possible thing that could have happened to Dean Wilson.

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now there's a couple of names I haven't heard in years and most of the guys hear wont know .....Nothing better than a "crafty" crew chief!

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Joe looks slower than he is, because he is so smooth and "quiet" on the bike. One of the things I like most about him is he can and will pass you clean, unlike some guys that can't seam to make a pass without hitting the other rider. Joe is the real ... more »

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125 and 250 exhaust are different diameter, so no, I dont think so. But if you are talking about the rubber piece that fits over and between the end of the pipe and the silencer, you can just seal it up with a bead of red silicone and slide the silencer ... more »

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I'm so very sorry for your loss. Prayers for Max, yourself, family, and friends.

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I cant believe they are taking away your god given/constitutional right to have a Helmet Cam! But then again, I remember when you would get tackled if you went in to a bank with a mask you get tackled if you walk in without one on!

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Good call AMA! mean safety takes priority over getting the Social Media Video? what is the world coming to!