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Judging by your other thread, you have/will have a bakflip. I have a bakflip as well. What i did is mount a piece of 2x2 square below the bakflip mount and welded some thread on that to receive a trigroove security nut. I made removable wheel chocks ... more »

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I had one on my 450 for a long time. Out lasted any other sprocket I've tried by a longggg time until I sold the bike. Would definitely run again. I think one of the original developers went to work for another company and developed something similar. ... more »

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i remember siding the air box boot on my 02 being a big pain in the dick with vforce2 and stock carb but the boot never made contact with the spring... I can imagine it is a HUGE dick here. Have you tried fitting the boot to see if it clears?

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Just sell 'em without 'graphics'. Why bother with that effort.

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99-02 for 125 and 250. And at least the forks were different for 02.

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Same, kx60 in 99, followed by a 92 RM 80 in 01.

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I sold my 450, bought a couple crappy subarus, fixed them, in a month I made 3k profit off my 4k investment. Fixing to do that again and keep that rolling.

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Yo brotha, I'm guessing this your opinion, and you're entitled to it and all that, but do you happen to know the rules governing bicycles on public roads in your own state? Do you happen to know the right of way laws in Iowa by chance? Care to enlighten ... more »

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That looks super clean. Who makes that one? And how dis the airbox area work?

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Super dirty bike pic (just got done riding) but I did it on my rmz for the winter.

Should give you an idea.
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Looks like motowest will be open this Wednesday as well.

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Cool video! Is it running stock suspension? Also what camera (I'm assuming a virb of some sort) and mounting do you run? It looked like a very realistic perspective with minimal "go pro" effect.

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Did this mod to one of my tables yesterday. I wanted to be able to move the table around to wherever it needed to be, and I wanted to freedom to adjust configuration to what I'm doing at the time. I have the vice, bench ... more »
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90s suzuki kickstarters bro. If you know, you know.

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Pretty sure one of the other Geico team owners also owns part of intense.

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I *Think* i have a cyl for a either a 98 or 99 in my garage. Ill check when i get home. PM me. If i have it ill shoot you some pics and we can work out shipping.

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Ran into this in capitol before on my mtb. Trail went on a Ridgeline above a bank, looked down on the bank (maybe 30 feet high)... And there were people shooting into the bank. Thankfully the guy stopped and said "sorry, didn't think to look up there"... ... more »

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i dont have an answer to your question, however i had a yz450 that did the exact same thing after a rebuild. i could never figure out why it did it. bloced oil passage in bottom end, worn rings, simply too much oil?

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Dude was probably just being conservative hoping you wouldn't question. I exploded mine and he told me "sling for 4-6 weeks. day to day activities in 6 weeks, will be as good as new in 3 months"... Yeah... Was back on the bike, racing in 8 iirc. Also ... more »

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Not sure I embedded right. But this shows the animal in action.