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Ran into this in capitol before on my mtb. Trail went on a Ridgeline above a bank, looked down on the bank (maybe 30 feet high)... And there were people shooting into the bank. Thankfully the guy stopped and said "sorry, didn't think to look up there"... ... more »

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i dont have an answer to your question, however i had a yz450 that did the exact same thing after a rebuild. i could never figure out why it did it. bloced oil passage in bottom end, worn rings, simply too much oil?

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Dude was probably just being conservative hoping you wouldn't question. I exploded mine and he told me "sling for 4-6 weeks. day to day activities in 6 weeks, will be as good as new in 3 months"... Yeah... Was back on the bike, racing in 8 iirc. Also ... more »

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Not sure I embedded right. But this shows the animal in action.

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I had ran bills on my rm125s for years. And if I get another one I will again! I personally Can't comment on their 4 stroke pipes. I have a Rocket in my current rmz450 and have been very impressed as well! Headpipe is built like a brick shithouse, the ... more »

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Yet another ME here. I too wanted to work in the powersports field after busting my ass in college and working an untold amount of hours on the schools SAE programs, and the SAE BAJA team. Long story short, It never worked out and I do not have any regrets. ... more »

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Buy a bike for your wife and teach her to ride. If all goes well she will understand that it's not really that dangerous, quite fun, and actually good family time. That being said, I'm talking out of my ass because we got this discussion out of the way ... more »

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Yes. This is going to sound stupid, but blink more. I was focused and not blinking enough

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Loved my turbi2 fc. premixed it at 50:1. Couldn't keep the motor together to save my life, and the single biggest money pit I have ever owned, but damn that thing was fun and smooth when it ran.

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Is that the 3.5 eboost? If so, how well does the truck tow that?

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A couple years ago my dad and I were hanging out drinking and he goes ... "Son I have done something... and I need you to drive me to drive me to pick these up" shows me the phone.... Immediately thought "God help us. I'm home for a funeral and now there ... more »

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Been saving my noggin for years. From the original see to the se3, from the d2 to the d3.

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My surgery was worth every penny. Your break looks pretty complex, and sometimes those heal wierd (lumps, shards, etc) that cause pain for quite a bit of time, plus there are other factors that affect healing such as, smoking, age, how active you are ... more »

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There, unfortunately, is truth to both sides of this.

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Broke mine mid June. It was so badly broken that they couldn't plate it. They had to pull the pieces out and string them together like a macaroni necklace on a rod. I was out of the sling in 5 weeks, and back on the bike in 8. (Technically all cleared, ... more »

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Shoot me a pm. There's a group of us that rides/races pretty much every weekend, and motowest during the week. I tried pming, but got an error.

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I had my shoulder done 3 years ago (I was 24), 6 month recovery time. It lasted about 6 months before I flat landed a jump and caused it to sublux again. Since that time, I have been really good about using both kt tape and the evs sb03 brace. I like ... more »

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Woke up with my finger knuckle deep in my nose, for the next hour I was alternating finger blasting my nose and being very vocal about the annoyance of wiping my ass left handed.... fuuuuuck fentanyl.