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is anyone making a single piece side # plate for the last gen yz450? I noticed the stupid plastic rivets are separating on mine again. Looks like the all black Acerbis panels are possibly all molded out of 1 part?

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those are pretty. I don't think I could bring myself to ride it. it would look good in my race shop next to the clapped out yamahas though.

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I have run the 18 at the motocross track a few times. it makes the rear have a little "dead" feeling if you don't change the clickers at all. if I pumped it up it would probably be less noticeable but I run it at 6-7psi with a tubliss kit just like I ... more »

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I hope he rides like that all year. I do worse charging through the lappers at a local hare scramble trying to get a little plastic trophy than Reed did to Stewart going for the championship in 09. he would have seen It coming for 30ft and it was just ... more »

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I have been running and 18" warp-9 on my hare scramble bike for 2 seasons now. I have a nutec tubliss kit and keep up on the spokes and lube the bearings from time to time. it has been bullet proof so far. I would have a hard time getting more money ... more »

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06 to 07 rmz 250.

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x2 on keeping the tubliss. mine has been flawless through 2 seasons of 3 hour hare scrambles @8psi. easy tire changes and no dents even on my cheap warp 9 wheel. i found a little trick to the wheels also after destroying one with fresh lubed good condition ... more »

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whatever he does in vegas the dude has got some serious tv and announcer time the last few years. if i had my own company i would want to get some stickers on his bike.

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these are way cool. I build most the Tubular steel parts for them. they are built like a tank and made to be a little tipsy. I am going to try to get out to the race in chicago.

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what track was that filmed at? looks awesome!

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kind of like how a 125 or 250f feels like its on its last leg after a strait month of hard riding?

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i will look into one when they are the same price as a comparable gas bike and i see someone throwing the thing flat on LaRocco's leap like RC used to do.

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I have a freezer full of them also. My GF works for a large hog farm company that has multiple breeding farms with 1400+ sows per farm and many more farms with thousands of market hogs. We get 2 processed per year as one of the perks. I don't know what ... more »

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I love it. these guys are going to make me rich.

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i think i will show this thread to Pumbaa when i get home. show him what is going to happen if he does not loose the bad attitude.

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I think seat bouncing has a lot more to do with the mass of the rider and bike following a path than suspension. Under normal conditions going up the face of a jump suspension and your legs are compressing due to the direction change of the mass from ... more »

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i would be at baja this weekend if I did not have to work. if it was not for the windows in my office i would have not seen any daylight going on 3 weeks now. I need a date with my bike.

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the parts manager at our local dealerships still rides and races with both knees and hips replaced. i think he is in his 50s and in good shape. he was a hero when he was in rehab. then on the other hand my 78 year old grandfather hates his. and my friend's ... more »

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yes the 110 seems to hook up just fine. now that it has been converted to my hare scramble bike it hooks up really good with the 110-90-18 @ 8-10psi and tubelis kit. unfortunaly i am having major handling issues after using up my stock pile of 756 fronts. ... more »

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i think mine hadles fine. keep sag set properly is the main thing. find a front tire you like and run a 110 rear instead of a 120. i also raised my forks in the clamps a little on mine. I think they handle on par with every other bike from that vintage ... more »