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I use THIS stuff. Works better than any method I've ever tried since the late 90's with bike graphics. I never have any issues with bubbles or corners coming up. I wouldn't use anything else at this point!

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Since you're in England, I'd recommend observed trials and hard enduro. The enduro will keep you in shape and it's much safer than MX.

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That is absolutely false. Working with insurers for our event, it was noted that anyone that had COVID after the event would never be able to trace it back to the event and put liability on the promoter/organizer. That possibility had no bearing on obtaining ... more »

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I ordered one of the Lock-n-Load Pro systems for my toy hauler. They are back ordered until June 22nd. They better be good for the price! If they're good, I'm going to spread the cost over a few months!

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It is a Toy Hauler - XLR NITRO 23KW. My goal is not to use any tie downs.

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The wife and I just bought a toy hauler and I'm looking at the different ways to secure the bike without taking up too much room. What does everyone here use? I'm leaning towards the rather expensive option of the Lock-N-Load Pro system ($280 per!!). ... more »

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Tony is the man! Puts on a great event! He's also darned fast on the bike himself. Iowa riding is solid. We had 124 last weekend at the hard enduro with guys like Pat Smage, Nick Fahringer, and Quinn Wentzel racing.

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Do yourself a favor and put them on wet. Use something such as this and it will make your life way easier and less frustrating.

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IA made it possible to start racing this week. We're hosting a hard enduro May 10th. Come on out! Event Link

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Seems like Holcomb and Freeman like the Beta... Holcomb is riding the 4-stroke this coming world enduro season.

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We're all socially distancing at our off road park. I think people are tired of the BS and fear-mongering. Here's the secret in stats from someone with a master's in the subject --- garbage in garbage out. I could also put together a detailed ... more »
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I see a lot of people like to say they got these "SWEET" deals on here such, "Yeah, I got hooked up with a brand new bike below dealer cost.". I doubt many to be actually true and other to be very exaggerated. I just sold my 2019 KTM 300XC with a few ... more »

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Awesome bike! Best update Beta has ever done to their enduro range!

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We need a good culling anyway.

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This is quite old! I've had two bikes since this YZ. The pump was not the issue. There was a poor connection and whenever I'd land from a hard jump it would partially disconnect and the bike would have issues. Cleaned up all of the electrical and it ... more »

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I broke my scaphoid in a '+' shape. The biggest problem is the blood flow as it it takes an odd route through the bone. If your bone dies even with surgery the recover is elongated quite some time. I was lucky and it didn't. I spent 6 weeks in a full ... more »

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I agree with your assessment with some of the senseless brand loyalty. I've bought KTM's the last few times purely because parts transfer over from one year to the next for the most part.

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Most "Gnarly" on a bike --- I suppose that could be taken within all disciplines. 1. Malcolm Smith. I still see him as the original "Mr. Do It All" and do it at a high level within his competition. 2. Ryan Sipes 3. Taylor Robert As far as who's the most ... more »

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As this thread on the viability of HD's electric bike and electric bikes in general as derailed... I don't know what kind of work you do or hire for, but you hire the quality you get. If you have a low IQ requirement job that doesn't pay that much you'll ... more »

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There are Lazy POS' of all ages. I think I'm mathematically a 'millennial". Most I know work like the rest of us. ____________ As far as the next dirt E-Bike. I'm very interested in what the Sur-Ron Storm shapes up to be. It will have cheaper components, ... more »