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You can find it for free on YouTube that’s where I watched it because I didn’t have money at the moment

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yo works connection where you at... i hope eric over at works connection catch up on this and we see him do something similar

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go LB. Im dying of laughter

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since I am 13 and gear is supplied for me I don't get to chose. unless it was Oakley goggles it wouldn't be used.

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Sorry to bump. magoo was a great man I know this even though I was born in 2007 and never got to meet him . my dad worked on that dvd and was friends with Danny. I have heard so many stories over the years. and all of them were great.

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I had a full mod crf50 stolen in 2013 I was so pissed. my mom had left the garage open when she went to the local Walmart and some tweaker caught his attention on a yellow bbr modded crf50. threw it into his mini van and sped off. some dude walking his ... more »

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I can almost guarantee that it was the Linda tweakers. that area in Marysville is full of tweakers and hobos.

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Great track I 100% recommend it

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Don’t blow it don’t blow it don’t blow it

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i wrench on 2020 husqvarna superminis and i do not have any experience with the xtrigs on minis. however i do believe the stock bar clamps do fit.

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My question is why tf is it called an arc in the news 😂

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good ole e-street. haha I can see all the tweekers garbage in the background of the wheelie pick.

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next step is some red clamps. is that plate any different from the cycra and if so what's the difference other than brand.

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You need to make a book about this. Hell I will be the first purchase

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I saw that crash right next to the tree at the bottom of the hill. the guy punctured his lungs and had some other injuries I don't remember. the crash a t the top of the hill was my stepdad and a few other guys. if anyone knows where to find the video ... more »

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Godspeed Marty your in all of our hearts

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Hoping I Can make my 150r on here. taking notes....

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Whole family went to a1 this year and we all got really sick that whole week starting the day after a1 so I’m hoping I’m immune

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The one that is only a slider is my brushless project and the one that is without the body is my slash that I picked up yesterday for 125$ that I’m just gonna leave as is and buy aluminum parts as the plastic ones break

... more »