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I though that the top 5 had to stick around for interviews after the main?

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So you think AJ Catanzaro will beat Alessi?

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Don't care where he finishes just good to see him out there

But top 15 will be good in this crowd
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Seems like nearly every rider that go's there ends up with a short career or burnt out though. Aldon gets the job done though.

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Looks like Eli is feeling alot more relaxed and happy this year. If he keeps that going everyone better watch out, They are going to be racing for second place.

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I think anywhere is perfect

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I bet it felt good for CS14 to pass Anderson today. I think Cole owes him a couple

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Yep I hope Deano lands another good ride. He definitely has the right attitude when he has to back himself.

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Congrats to him. Hope he enjoys what he does next. Mabye someone should let James know this is how its done

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^ Made me laugh...

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Was thinking the same but also wondering what Cooper's new boss at KTM was thinking as he held up marvin who was technicly "racing for the title" even though MM wasn't going to get to the front anyway, but still nice way to impress your new employer. ... more »

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Big thanks to JGR for getting Chad out there. They deserve to get some recognition. Glad they got some airtime for their money. Now just for SX

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You would think Webb was pretty cheap for KTM. If not must be one hell of a negosiator

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I wonder why he hasn't felt the need to announce retirement officialy. When clearly he isn't coming back.

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Gared Steinke in 25th on the 2 stroke

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Nice work

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I liked it, He is just having some fun, not doing anyone any harm. Why not get some exposure for his sponsors and him self? Who wouldn't build a sick bike with a load of free parts if all it took was some "phone calls"

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It was great to see JS in his prime, wonder why he never announced his retirement and just kinda drifted away from the sport?

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I understand why it was taken out but still cool to watch.