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All after they seen Max use it. Tomac used it twice, bagget used it a few times, and I also believe sexton used it in the heat of the battle. So unless they planned on DQ everyone I think Max was safe. Not to mention in person the split was pretty damn ... more »

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As a salesman at a dealership I would recommend you make sure of that. You don’t have to register your unit for the Manufacture to register it as a sold unit. At that point once you are made the registered new owner of it the irs will charge the tax. ... more »

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Myrtle Beach Mx and ATV park. in Loris 35 minutes from myrtle. Its a nice sand track. gregg is a great guy and has been making alot of changes lately ive been helping him with. Shoot me a PM. I live in myrtle, would be down to rip after work or on the ... more »

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When they made the GasGas have WP forks as expected my interest went:

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You must not know his ties with that team. The grondahl family has a good name tied into gieco Honda

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I dig a red Yamaha.

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I’m a pro/expert level rider and have always thought I was on the balls of my feet but you want to almost be on your toes. I’ll never forget when I spun my first laps on a sx track at SOB. Clearly struggling to gel off the bat, Freddie Noren pulled my ... more »

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The instant that pin moves my instinct is to GO! So if the gate flinches whatever the cause may be I’d probably do exactly what Sexton, AC, and cooper did. It happens, not all that big of a deal.

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No that’s his brother Hunter Root.

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I seen this on dans and Robby’s instas. Robby’s a good dood. He helped revamp a track I was running in backnin Rhode Island. I moved down in South Carolina from mass and seen them working in Carolinas on this and got excited it was gonna be at a public ... more »

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RI- mx691 SC- Hog Heaven MA- Attleboro (think it was called souliers) Rehoboth (not sure of the name) ME- Eaton Mountain Bull Run

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Y’all are soft. The second someone is put on the ground going in a corner everyone scorns them. It’s racing....

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Here in myrtle beach it’s not too bad. The Longs, little river and Conway area are flooding from the rivers now.

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I don’t know if it’s been stated yet but it will be a while before we see an Alta in the pro moto/sx and even LL for that matter. Sources from an Alta rep at a demo ride day told me the AMA won’t allow them to even race in LL nevermind pro due to the ... more »

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I’ve tried helmets from Thor to TLD to shoei to Just 1. Now having a LS2 Subverter I can say these are the hit and misses. For hits the venting is top notch. No helmet comes close to it. I literally came of the track the first time wearing it and telling ... more »

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Thanks man! Teaming up with raymound at the track ha been a process but it's looking good come check it out

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Talan, Batman, Fowler, and I have ended up banding together to take on the trip now under the circumstances we were given. As for Broc we are unsure his future with the series. See y'all at Kamloops boys!!!!

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Me! I run a track in tiverton RI.

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2012 Honda 450 with number 463 Red Plate Moto Academy/FXR race team (RPMA) Team mates: micheal fowler / Ryan Batman / Broc Loftus and support rider Talan Hansen who's also commenting above! Alex Ratner being the owner/manager. Most of us I ... more »
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I'm so looking forward to them sand rounds! I've heard from local riders who have raced it and my teammate that Gopher is gnarlier than gnar itself. Can't wait. I've seen all the rounds and they look pretty good. Looking forward to all the racing this ... more »