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I have received my jerseys from FXR but not the pants

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Hold my beer

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Or a combined overall for qualifying would be good idea. 1 15min timed qualifier and 1 15min moto. so you have a blend of guys who can run a 1 lap heater but fade quick and guys who can hold on for a longer moto but not good at running a 1 lap heater. ... more »

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Didn’t he get hurt and hooked on pain meds bc of the hospital? I don’t think he woke up one day and said let me just take these for fun.

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I seen you take this shot and thought to myself I was never going to see it because I had no idea who you where. Glad to see it. Some great shots in here by the way! Thank you!

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As a Salesman at a KTM dealership. KTM gives us an estimate but not an exact date. And sometimes that’s inaccurate. Also for anyone looking for a FE of any KTM they also don’t tell us which bike being sent is a FE. A 450sxf FE shows up as a normal 450sxf ... more »

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In no order: Cole Beach, Danny Stuart, Wes Williams, Tommy tenders are too 5. It’s hard to say. Kyle crowling is up there if you count him as moto videographers.

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What all does it take to host a series?

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Yeah and then a struggling privateer with like no money does this accidentally and their is serious debt.

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I’m curious about this. Just got a 21 kx 250 and want to build it a little but not sure if I should throw money elsewhere on this.

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I honestly don’t know. He told me just more performance out of the clutch they are working on. They didn’t say any problem

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sorry for the slow response times guys. I own one as well and had the dealer I work for run my VIN and it came back with the recall. Not all bikes have it but looking like the early ones do. The problem may cause multiple parts to break and cause the ... more »

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I work at a Kawasaki dealership and own one and can confirm this recall is true

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I am too a person who experiences migraines after riding. I have been getting them since I was 14 now 24. I went over a year with out them and had my first one since July of 2019 this past october. I get stroke like symptoms, numb face and arm, aura, ... more »

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All after they seen Max use it. Tomac used it twice, bagget used it a few times, and I also believe sexton used it in the heat of the battle. So unless they planned on DQ everyone I think Max was safe. Not to mention in person the split was pretty damn ... more »

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As a salesman at a dealership I would recommend you make sure of that. You don’t have to register your unit for the Manufacture to register it as a sold unit. At that point once you are made the registered new owner of it the irs will charge the tax. ... more »

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Myrtle Beach Mx and ATV park. in Loris 35 minutes from myrtle. Its a nice sand track. gregg is a great guy and has been making alot of changes lately ive been helping him with. Shoot me a PM. I live in myrtle, would be down to rip after work or on the ... more »

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When they made the GasGas have WP forks as expected my interest went:

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You must not know his ties with that team. The grondahl family has a good name tied into gieco Honda

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I dig a red Yamaha.