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I give..... what is it?

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My X10 by XPR is the same map Brayton won Dayton on......

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I have made this point forever - and don’t take it personally.... but: Where are the moto media articles on this topic? All we get as fans is what Roczen says. If Tom Brady fell apart in the NFL playoffs in the 4th quarter game after game, there would ... more »

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Very curious what the back story is here. Anyone do reporting on this?

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Update - they claimed mine was structural damage and not warrantied. I never crashed or damaged it in any way. I have tried calling 3 separate times now and can not get ahold of anyone. They still have my unit..... going on 2 months now.... and no answer ... more »

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Fuck it, I'm in a good mood and up for something ridiculous...... gave ya a thumbs up bro

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By shut it down, you mean confirmed it? Steve’s Instagram story said he’s going to Kawi for less travel and closer to home.

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Yup. I think top 20 # should require you to finish in the top 20 overall points on a yearly basis to keep it. Also, the 250 regional SX points counting as much as 450 points is wack. Those points should be multiplied by .75 or something

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I’m a bit partial to the Woody graphics.....

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Check the fuses on your sub frame above the rear brake master cylinder - not likely your issue if it’s rolling over. Also, reset your TPS. To do that, hold the killswitch and roll the bike over with nothing else touched. Then do the exact thing but with

... more »
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The team and rider could just agree on a $/day prior to going. For example: $5,000 lump sum for bike logistics, $500 per day per support employee and $1500 per travel, etc. It doesn’t have to be accounted to the last penny if both parties agree. If I’m ... more »

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1) MXDN as requested by the country and team. 2) Any race he chooses with the following conditions: - the caveat that any injuries and subsequent missed races of the AMA MX and SX season will be proportionately withheld from their salary. - no bonuses ... more »

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PM sent

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It’s obviously Justin Cooper and Jeremy Martin. I hope J-Mart comes back and mops Cooper. There is a large amount of salty-ness there about the incident that broke J-Marts back.

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I’m currently poking around about a 250RX for my wife. Here’s is what seems to be consistent amongst everything I’ve read. Handling is phenomenal. May have dethroned Suzuki as the best handling Everything else is good/adequate..... except..... The engine. ... more »

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I put a new piston in my 450 at 38 hours. I don’t know why, but anything over 40 gives me the heebie-jeebies.

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Are you going to be at Cadillac this weekend?

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He is, but his arm is probably 10-12” closer to the camera than mine. It’s all about the angle bros.

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Elon was good, but he’s awkward and it didn’t flow very well. Good call on Jacko also. He trained us at work a few months ago, and the dude is a beast.

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This was in the stack of things I cut out of the magazines..... look at the photographer!