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He's in love. Stamp it...

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How bad was the procedure?

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I bet our guys are the only riders that will be able to huck the leap!!!!

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Growing up in the 70's/80's............. ? Damn, this thread floods the memory bank!!!! G.T., Mongoose, Hutch, Kuwahara, Diamond Back, Redline, Haro, Dia Compe, Skyway, Swhwinn, Thruster.. Oakley, Takagi, A'ME, Suntour, Tioga, Pro Neck, Araya, Shimano, ... more »

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I would think it would depend on if it was a gas burner or a diesel.

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Thanks for the info.

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Do you have a part # on those poly ball joint covers?

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98KX 250 $1000 Hell Yes! Buy it. Loved that bike..... except the KIPS power valve system.

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Seriously randy???????????????? Come on! All the shit that's going on, and your gonna make a stink over this?????????

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03 yz450f shock fit????

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I'm wondering about the sprocket bolts now!!!!!

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Yes.. Be patient. They will sell at those prices.

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"I refuse to click on retarded titles with... fuckin dumbass shit". SNOOZE, YOU LOSE!!!!! BTW, AIR YOUR DIRTY LAUNDRY SOMEWHERE ELSE...