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keep in mind some of the small suv's list a tow capacity but they often don't indicate that its actually considered a "braked" capacity, meaning the vehicle being towed is thought to have its own braking system. So when you see a small suv with a 5000lb ... more »

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once you pull the jug you may find a chunk of ring missing if it spun and caught the port, as mentioned above, if gap is too tight, as the heat causes rings to expand the ends touch, the ring continues to expand and walk out of the groove, it can then ... more »

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I guess if I had one of each I’d still load this one up anyway

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39 was the lowest I would normally see while sitting still ten years ago when I was training for triathlon and riding mtb, & mx. I used to get very strange sensations of intense pressure in fingertips when the hr would dip below 43 or so. Never did ... more »

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Anyone recall that video of 2t class hucking off the downhill jump at Foxhills Swindon I think it was? Can’t seem to find it.

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That’s great family fun! Nice work! Started racing bmx in 76 , just built a cruiser to give it another go.

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Sardine can sized 5x8 but it carries everything well enough.

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Severe headache after most rides since I was 6. Now 50. Diagnosed migraines and clusters. Every few years I have to be taken to ER for a shot. They can get bad enough where you dont trust yourself. Like a root canal with no Novocain, but behind the eyes. ... more »

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Do the mx models have a counterbalancer? Also are forged aftermarket pistons available? Trying to decide on next years bike. Two tiny details I’d like to see improved- seat could move closer to gas cap- do away with the plastic piece , and a top clamp ... more »

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I cant remember the name of the company, but there was a high temp hose and clamp kit for 2t exhaust silencer to pipe connection. Anyone know where to source? Installing on a cr125.

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20 years on my motojackrack doubles as a work stand. Love it. Bulletproof. Modern version is the ultimate mx hauler

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As a Dad of a daughter who is recovering from brain cancer, Well done Ethan and Moto Dad!

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I've found I have twice as much fun on an mx track if it has some elevation going on. I'm in the Southeast US, and have ridden Monster Mountain, and High Point, & Budds Creek in the NE. Id love to make a bucket list of "hilly tracks" to ride over ... more »

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I think he'd grow into the height of a 230 within about a year, but the weight is over 250lbs thats quite a tank. The 140g or F as they're called in 2021 are a more reasonable weight, at 218lbs. One day the manufacturers will market a beginner trail ... more »

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My son is a new rider, 13 years old and outgrowing his KLX 140L with the 19/16" wheels. Im thinking about getting him the KLX140G to get him on something that fits better, unless theres better options? (He isn't experienced enough yet for a 125 unfortunately) ... more »

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I bought a Suburban from a salesman who was competing with his coworker on the sale. I didnt know it at the time, but another guy was in the next cubicle buying the same Suburban from another salesman. My paperwork went through first. The other guy went ... more »

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This sounds similar to what I may wind up with. Permanent installations seem to be a bit much for a 5x8, and would cost about the same as the new price of the trailer.

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the petcock and the carb in my 95 cr125 are at a bit of an odd angle, and the fuel line tends to want to crease. Looking for a factory pre-formed line with a 90 deg bend to prevent the crease tendency of the line.(instead of adding an elbow and extra ... more »

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I know, its smaller than a broom closet,but i like it. 6' interior, it could be a nice place to retreat to in the 95+ deg heat. Id like to put a "real" AC unit in, but not sure if they make one that makes sense for such a small space. Id use a window ... more »

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200k 2005 suburban- never any real problem. Stack of 4x8 Sheetrock with hatch closed. Love it. When it dies I’ll find another one with 150k for $3k and drive another 100k