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Reply to Story time: JLaw 5/2/2019 12:00 PM

If someone could atleast get one of his mechanics on a podcst it would be epic.

Reply to The tab on my browser says 'The 2020 Suzuki RM125 in Action' 4/24/2019 6:11 AM

That video was so good. One of the best I've seen in awhile.

Reply to What Happened To The Broome-Tioga National? 4/23/2019 4:11 AM

I think it was 2008 at the new York state champs race where it was pouring rain all weekend and track was a mess. filthy phil rode the track like it was dry. Really amazing to watch.

Reply to My Dads 2003 RM250 4/10/2019 6:44 AM

Love me a stinger tip!! Looked all over for one, could never find one.

Reply to Nashville? 4/3/2019 9:04 AM

Wheres everyone going after the race?

Reply to KTM statement: No Herlings in AMA Nationals 3/21/2019 10:23 AM

This is some bullshit. If this JS7 video coming out in a few days sucks I'm gonna smash my phone and burn my dirtbike.

Reply to 2019 Pw50 4-6 stock class upgrades 3/15/2019 6:18 AM

Does anyone know what Barrs does to them exactly?

Reply to Moto tax write offs? 2/12/2019 11:22 AM


Reply to Tomac, Decotis, Bowers, Vuillemin on Pulpmx Show Tonight! 2/5/2019 6:19 AM

New episode isn't showing up on the app. Whats the deal?

Reply to New Graphics Company: ERA Moto Co. 1/8/2019 5:07 AM

I can't seem to get anyone to make me stacyc bike graphics. Is that something you can do? Or willing to look into?

Reply to Black Yamaha's ? 12/21/2018 11:49 AM

Yamahas went from the best looking bikes in the pits in 2018 to the worst in 2019....

Reply to Gypsy Tales Podcast 12/20/2018 4:53 AM

Really enjoyed the podcast. We've all heard the chad reed story a million times but I still enjoy listening. The best story in mx/sx. Just can't imagine going through what he had to, in a time where there was no cell phones or gps or internet. Enjoyed ... more »

Reply to Stacyc bike graphics? 12/6/2018 11:35 AM

Looks sweet, but I'm just wanting his name and number on the sides with the colors that I want.

Reply to Stacyc bike graphics? 12/6/2018 4:40 AM

Yeah they told me the same thing but I'd rather use my local guy. Wish theyd give out the templates.

Reply to Stacyc bike graphics? 12/5/2018 6:27 AM

Sweet thanks. Just did

Reply to You trailer haulers out there.... 11/30/2018 10:47 PM

I bought a used 7x16 double axle for cheap. Looked like a brand new trailer except for a few small dents which didn't bother me. Works great for 3 fullsize bikes, pitbike, stroller, gear, toolboxes, coolers, etc. Picked it up for 2600, it's a 2017 model. ... more »

Reply to Stacyc or PW50 as first bike? 11/29/2018 8:58 PM

My little guy has been wearing out a strider bike since he was 1. He will be 2 this Jan and weve got a stacyc bike for him. He was able to ride the demo model stacyc around the dealer pushing it along like his strider at 1.5 years old. For his 3rd bday ... more »

Reply to Mousse for MX? 10/25/2018 9:17 PM

I've got a brand new hard pack 110 Bridgstone on now. Maybe I'll just use a tube until this tire wears out then I'll get a matching tire/mousse combo for next time.

Reply to Anyone ever race a full gas sprint enduro ? 10/25/2018 8:20 PM

I been wanting to try one. Need to hit one close to TN next year.

Reply to Mousse for MX? 10/24/2018 9:40 PM

So you mean if I have bridgstone tires I need Bridgestone mousse?