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Dialed suspension near Bowling Green. Fast Lap suspension in AL closest ones I know of

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I've got 9 hrs on a mx25 on a yz250. I'm not fast. Pros- They are extremely light. They hook up great. Made in America. White lettering looks badass. Cons- At 9hrs, they need replaced. Lots on chunks out of them. But I did do a 2hr woods race with lots ... more »

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Keefer code is like a 100 off I think. Message him on instagram or email him he'll give you code. I don't have his email, maybe check his site.

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I would recommend the Stacyc or what Harley now calls the IRONe. Both same bike, just different graphics. My little boy has had his for about a year and its been a great bike. Literaly rides it almost everyday. I would recommend buying the 5amp battery ... more »

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I was at sand mountain over the weekend and it looked like they were working on their SX/AX track.

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What bike would a 4 year old compete on at LL? Oset MX10? I think those new KTM and Huskys are too big.

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Just put deposit down on clutch and ignition covers

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Give us an idea on price. Talk to water jet company and report back. I'll be a maybe bc I'm not spending 100 bucks on seat brackets.

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He seems like a good dude and a nice family man. Dude needs to stop this podcast before it ruins him.

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Such a legend

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I hope the shit talking on insta starts soon. If webb beats roczen and does the finger pistol it will be epic. Or vise versa

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We have a 2010 Tahoe. Drives like a car, so smooth! Plenty of room for all the kids stuff and can still tow the enclosed trailer or boat or whatever.

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What you mean by neutral position

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I've got cdoggy number Ill shoot him a text abt this. I'd be interested in clutch and ignition.

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Lord I hope he does straight rythem. Yes I cant spell. Fuck off.

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Awesome response. Thank you!

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Is there a difference in getting your suspension done by a well known local suspension guy vs like factory connection, racetech, etc? Most local guys use racetech parts. Looking to get mine done and I like the fact that local guys can go to my local ... more »

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Smoothest guy at Redbud. Pretty awesome to watch him ride there.

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I've been cleaning air filters with gas for 20 years. Never a problem and I don't buy air filters but every couple years. Take a little gas out of the lawnmower jug. Too much trouble having a separate jug of diesel or kerosene or no toil cleaner or whatever. ... more »