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I know lots of people who stay away from local racing because of the 12 hour day it usually ends up being. Nothing is worse than starting the 2nd set of motos at 3 in the afternoon. A split program say 8-12 have big bikes. Big bikes would have to go ... more »

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I think the mask do work. But if you keep using the same dirty mask over and over, not keeping your hands clean touching and grabbing that mask when you pick it up, you’re potentially contaminating yourself. I think that’s why the numbers keep skyrocketing. ... more »

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Ball joints seemed fine and I’ve got dual stabilizers coming. It’s going in the shop on Wednesday for a second opinion on the alignment and hopefully they’ll be able to point me to something. Should have bit the bullet and bought new. Thought I’d save ... more »

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I put the track bar and a 2in leveling kit on it. Most of the adjustable ones only work with at least a 1.5in lift.

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All the research I’ve done the adjustable track bar is the most common fix that’s worked for most. It helped mine but it’s still not right. Changing the castor is another fix that others recommended. The next thing I’m going to do is the dual steering ... more »

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Yea I’ve seen that. It seems to be a hit or miss type of thing. I’m pretty familiar with these trucks from friends and my parents had a 11’ F250 and 14’ F350. Was going to buy new or a few years old but decided half the payment would be more economical. ... more »

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Mine are the Discoverer ATP. I’ve searched a lot and most all the reviews came back good. Who knows but that is ironic.

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I recently bought the truck and don’t know how many miles are on them but the date made says 32nd week of 2018. They seem like their in good shape. Tires are Cooper Discoverer. Steering feels a little loose but it drives in a straight smooth line on ... more »

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Have a 12’ F350 single wheel with 131,000 miles and it has the death wobble. It’s only shook violently once, but I can feel the front end wanting to start to dance around when hitting any bumps or holes over 50mph. Just put a adjustable track bar on ... more »

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Here recently a guy went down in the middle of a straight away. The crowd was yelling at the flagger probably 40 yards up in the direction of the track instead of the flagger behind the rider. They got that guy all kinds of confused. Majority of flaggers ... more »

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Dude what are you waiting on?? Lots of good info in this thread how to get it back, hell a state trooper even chimed in. Go get that damn bike!

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I work for UPS, in my area we’re not behind. As a whole we don’t really get behind unless it’s Christmas time. Now the Postal Service, that’s a different story. They get overloaded with boxes and their not exactly set up for that type of delivery which ... more »

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For future reference you don’t need primer for things like that. Two coats of good quality paint usually cover it up. I’d also recommend using a 3/4 nap instead of the 3/8. The 3/4 will hold more paint and overall go on a lot smoother.

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Lol your comparing a guy that raced in the 70’s to today??? I’m sure that was a 40-50k van....

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It will NEVER happen. If a large group decided to boycott there would be others to step up and take their place. The guy that qualifies 55th 10 seconds off the pace of the 40th place guy thinks it’s his time to shine. I don’t really get why everyone ... more »

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This is what we did when we had ours. Set the bike on the stand over the etrack, attach turnbuckle to foot pegs and connect to hook. Don’t have to climb over stuff to loosen the straps to take pressure off the forks. Also it’s about the most sturdy way

... more »
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It would go about like the Dale Jr one. They would talk about concussions and injuries the whole time. I really like the JRE but he always misses the mark with guys like this. He doesn’t know much about the sport and relates everything back to the UFC. ... more »

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I’m curious as to how it’s going to be this year. Will the normal vendors be there or will vendors row be empty? Are fans even allowed? And most importantly is the beer tent going to be there?

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Davey I’ve always wanted to know, how do you get a parking spot next to the creek between the beach and the roundabout? Always thought it was suppose to be first come first serve. Every year we’ve went taking our stuff down the Wednesday before it’s ... more »

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I made the switch from the Yamaha. First day it took me the entire day to get used to it. Corners like a dream but the suspension set up had me questioning if I made the right purchase. Sent my suspension to PR2 to have the spring conversion/revalve, ... more »