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I have the 2020 350sxf. I had switched from 450's to 250's years ago because they were so much fun and I ride them faster than I ride the 450's. I was looking for a new 250. I tried the new kawi, the yami, the honda. I was really impressed with the new ... more »

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I own a 2020 350sxf that is stock. I thought the forks were pretty good...until I rode my sons 2021 YZ250f. There is no comparison. The WP's are either too soft and blow through the stroke or if you put the pressure up to stiffen the forks to keep them ... more »

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I'm buying a 350SXF in a couple of weeks. I live in southeast Kentucky and just wondering if anyone what KTM dealers in the southeast are good to deal with? What OTD prices is everyone paying for 350's? Thanks in advance.

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I'm a 41 year old vet intermediate, 5'5'', 165lbs. I have a 2015 YZ250f and here is what I did to mine to make it more comfortable. First, take the seat off, then the seat cover, and trim about 1/2-3/4'' off the seat foam. I also took the subframe off ... more »

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If you go back and listen to the Moto 60 show on Thursday with Reed. Reed said that he (Hill) is not working hard during the week. So, there you have it. The kid's lazy. I know it's a hard job. Putting multiple 30+2 lap motos during the week, training, ... more »

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Get the YZ. I'm 5'5'' with a 29'' inseam. I ride mine just fine. Adjust the sag and drop the forks in the clamps to lower it and ride the crap out of it. The suspension and the power are great. I have a kx and it is pretty low but the forks are harsh ... more »

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I'm a vet rider in search of more power for my 15 kx250f without breaking the bank. I'm about to pull the trigger on a cylinder works 270 big bore kit, but have a few hangups. I haven't really read any real world reviews of the kit. Anyone have any experience ... more »

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I typically ride a 2015 kx250f. I rode my buddy's 2019 Yz250f the other day and they are still abrupt off the bottom. Very responsive as soon as you crack the throttle. Suspension wasn't set up and was barely broken in but it felt really good and had ... more »

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I have a garage gym where I crossfit and olympic lift. It keeps it fun and interesting. I don't get tired or fade during my races and stay physically ready through the year. I really enjoy olympic lifting. It requires as much, if not more, techinique ... more »

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Adjust your suspension till it is as comfortable as you can get it. Adjust all your controls till they are the most comfortable for you. Then, just go ride. Ride a lot. Ride till your arm sets in, then back off to a steady pace that you can control and ... more »

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The big difference is consistency. I had a YZ250 2-stroke that I had it tuned in pretty good with suspension and other mods. My son has a 14 KX250f that was bone stock. I did a 10 lap moto on each and was fastest overall on the 250f. I had the fastest ... more »

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Short guy here as well. I'm 5'5'' and usually I run a lot of sag (110mm), order tall pegs, and take the seat cover off and cut down the seat 8-10mm. Also, you can elongate the holes where your subframe bolts to you frame on the sides to make the subframe ... more »

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I get mine off of Amazon.

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I listen to a lot of podcasts and I have to say, that was without a doubt one of the best podcasts I've ever listened to. Great job. I hope it's not the last.

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I was sitting on the hillside near the podium at Muddycreek and the crowd there did the same thing. According to Pulpmx it happened at Mt. Morris as well. So it's not just an isolated incident at Southwick. For the record, I don't agree with it and I ... more »

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The Creek gets hot so find shade near the announcer's tower, the Red Bull tents, or bring an pop-up canopy. If you bring a pop-up the best place is just below the pits across from the finish line. The only drawback to that is you don't see part of the ... more »

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I know it's known that Kenny runs a soft setup, but it looked like his setup at Mt. Morris looked the softest I've seen it since he's switched to the Honda.

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Probably won't happen but how rad would it be if Roczen showed up on MC's 1996 Honda CR250? Of course, the suspension would have to changed/modified to accommodate the size of the whoops and jumps. A man can dream right?

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I was talking to my sons about this earlier. Tomac looks like he in attack mode all the time. Head over the front, crouched over the bike, using the throttle to steer. Then my oldest son said, "Dad, if you watch professional mountain bike racers and ... more »