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Everyone seems to focus on Herlings, Tomac and Roczen.. wich for sure gona be and amazing battle i hope

But there is another clash of "Giants" in the 250 class. Jorge Prado and Aaron Plessinger also has potential for an interesting battle. ... more »

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Wasnt there a crash and a tipover prior to the problem both times ?

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I was racing the Veteran MX at Assen. Got mail from youtstream about payment.... 500 Euros, in cash, at the track only! So the only payment method in 2015 they accepted was cash, euros... they slipped the money into a box and i got a printed a4 with ... more »

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Dont know the exact english word for it but in Norway its common too use "gravel with stonedust " or milled stone. It holds up the jumpfaces on sandtracks very well and its cheap and easy to maintain. ( I know the pic is not a sandy track but it was

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I bought the spring, fiber and steel package for my kxf450. Works perfect and it is a big improvment on the wear and tear compared too stock.

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It has been done before, so why not. Here are some inspiration: Joel Smets born 1969 didn't start racing until he was seventeen years old (1986) and found his feet on the Grand Prix scene rather quickly. By 1995, 9 year later and racing for the Husaberg ... more »

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OK, not shallow but not as deep as other vitards claims.

This is not diss, i love ama motocross
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Badass for sure but on the flipside this kinda shows that the 250 field is shallow. If the class where stacked it should not be possible to enter the track 5 seconds after gatedrop and finish 5 th.

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I think JS7 would give an A+

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The only Monster i like is the Monster Rehab. Nice post moto drink. Magnesium, vitamins no sugar and only 50kcal a 500ml

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Pretty optimistic but he will probably get it. If i was a wealthy person i would easily paid 10 K for a brand new CR250

Just imagine the feeling off rolling this beauty out in the pits at your local track, and people gathers around and drools,,,, ... more »
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Ohh my.. 2015 appears to be a blessing for the hole mx community. Will RV challenge TC. #222 secret weapon has always been his sprint ability the last 10 min of the heat. But i suspect that RV will raise the bar and run TC sprint phase form start to ... more »

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Some of the action this season

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I think everything he said was reasonable and honest. Maybe not what the average hardcore RV fan wanted to hear but.. There are obviously some who interpret what Ryan says in the same way as ISIL interpret the Quran

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If u remove the local wildcards u have 15 riders in MXGP and 16 in MX2. WAY TO GO Luongo, thanks for helping our sport reaching new dimensions.

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I ride a lot an have had the same issue when riding 3-5 days in a row. I can guarantee that the risk racing palmsavers are the best solution. Cheap and bulletproof. I rode all 2012 without having a single blister. Yes it feels a bit odd the first two ... more »

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U must sign up thru your national federation . In your case as a American, AMA must approve u and send a confirmation to FIM that u are a worthy contender. Then u will receive a login to fim where u can sign up.

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Heard Dungey replied he´s heartrate was 170-180 thru the hole moto. What heartrate u guys think Pourcel with he´s flow and smooth style is ? 110 max