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First and foremost,, keep riding moto / tracks! Those skills will come into play at some point once you start hitting ramps, etc.. Money, tough time to make a living doing FMX. Not sure how it is in Italy but most of it has dried up and hard to even

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I could be wrong but, what Marvin's holding is what I was given when I raced Oakland Futures SX a couple years ago.(Granted mine was for a measly 5th place in the 35 plus and his is for the 450 premier

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You should have a large box showing up Monday ! Happy to help and if I find anything else laying around the garage, its all yours ! Don't tell you boy yet but, I put a few posters and stickers in there for him also. ( you will have to explain to him

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Flip to manual(wheelie) was impressive to say the least. So much cool stuff goin on it that video!!

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Right on man, happy to help. Lets get your boy some throttle therapy asap !! Just sent you a message with my info. Paul

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OP, sorry to hear about the loss of the crf50, gut wrenching to say to least. Not sure if your willing to build a 50 for your boy from the ground up? but, if you did, I have a stock crf50 frame and swing arm I would donate and ship to you at no charge. ... more »

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SC-1 will always be in the garage (and on my furniture)...but, I recently tried the Muc-Off Silicone Shine (part # 227US) Its a pretty fresh smell and maybe not as pungent for her.... hopefully this advice saves your marriage

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Hey Ryan, not looking to part with it just yet because if plan A falls thru I will be returning it to stock colors/graphics. Keep in touch though because if something changes I would be more than happy to help you out. Thanks, Paul

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Picked up a 96 KX100 for my kid. Came with a purple tank but now looking to get a green tank if possible. I talked to Clarke Mfg. and said they only go down to a 98 so, I asked if they knew if a 98 would mount onto this 96 and they said check the forums. ... more »

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on a borrowed bike....only time I was ever caught on a 4 stroke.
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I'm 34's in most moto pants(TLD GP) and a few others.... my new FastHouse pant in a 34 is a bit tight (same with the large jersey(I shoulda went XL).... I personally would lean toward going a size up. hope that helps a little ! I may be a rare case tho

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It was great having you out at the casa Blake. Crazy how this little world works sometimes.... respond to a message on the web and the next thing you know your riding, bench racing and enjoying a beer with a complete stranger from the other side of the

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