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Have you checked Hotfoot moto on ebay? They have a lot of reproduction manifolds.

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I don't know if it's right, from an engineering stand point, but I have done similar things with fork conversions without issue. I've also bored the counter sink the stem rest in a little deeper to allow the stem to stick out a little more. The other ... more »

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For the YZ you need to keep the two 1mm washers toward the ball ramp the same or your linkage will drop and put excessive pre-load on the spring. You won't like the power and your linkage arm won't like the excess load. After the collar on the spring

... more »
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PM sent.

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How I would love to have that on my bike.

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The RM's are known to eat clutch plates when the basket starts to wear. The best thing I've found is the Barnett clutch basket. The SS tab covers stop wear and help the plates last longer. Pro X plates are a great option. also.

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Yes, that's right. I forgot the '05 has the pins on the plate and not the clamp. You could go with the Cycra plate that doesn't use the stock lower mounts or simply put some bolts in the the holes to make pins, as we did back then.

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No, that will jack the back end up too much. Just the opposite of what the YZ pull arm does. I tried running more sag with the 142mm arm, but it seemed to blow thought the stroke, or like the progression was gone. When I did my first one I tried a bunch ... more »

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I was about to comment on that in your build thread, but then I saw this. What you need is a 143.5mm arm to get it back in stock YZ spec. The only one I know for sure that is 143.5mm is the PC link YPA10450. Killer build, BTW.

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I hope you bought a lottery ticket at the same time, because it was your lucky day. That is one nice find right there.

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It was listed as 5/8" Grade 5 rod. I bought it to make some foot pegs pins out of, so it was a little bigger than needed for the brake pin. I could have easily started with 1/2" to make his brake pin, so the 14mm should work fine. My clevis has a much ... more »

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I got some of the 3dp moto guides and they are very cool. Very nice guy, too.

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Happy Birthday! V2 will be heading your way.

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Is that really a CZ prototype?

Looks a lot like a modified TM chassis with a KTM engine to me.
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On the subject of Savatgy's name spell-check, who was running what in terms of the WP shock? You said "both Cooper Webb and Jason Anderson were on the spring shocks, while Osborne, Musquin, and Barcia were all on the spring shock"?

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I've seen a bunch of four strokes catch fire. There was a fairly new ( from what I was told ) KXF that totally burnt up at the last winter series XC race. About the only two strokes I've seen were KTM's that the headlight caught fire ( scary common it ... more »

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I'll second what Falcon said, but you don't have to replace the air boot, unless it needs to be. The only problem is the wiring harness, CDI and stator plate are 2005 only parts, but if I remember right, it's mainly related to the connectors and the ... more »

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Holes would be a good idea. And maybe even 3D printing as someone suggested. Yeah, I've dropped the ball on this. Got busy with other stuff and haven't got back around to it. I need to get some stiffer material and see what I can do with it, but your ... more »

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2016 / 17 / 18 all have the same part number for the frame. The 17 motor should drop right in.

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I don't remember having any problem getting the Keihin on the CR. It's very possible that your manifold is just old hardened up. Might try warming it up a little or just getting a new one.