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Added reply in a thread Southwick National in jeapordy? 4/25/2021 9:14 AM

Pala can have a 3rd round.

Added reply in a thread Swap Moto at Glen Helen 4/25 4/24/2021 9:41 AM

The transponders are for scoring and more often than not riders forget to return them or the bracket so look at it as your paying for those who forget to return them and the cost of tracking them down. Yeah buy your own.

Added reply in a thread LL Qualifier question 4/20/2021 8:22 PM

Enjoy it only get more expensive at every step of the way.

Added reply in a thread What's up with MXA? 4/12/2021 6:15 PM

Haters gonna hate.

Added reply in a thread Motocross becoming supercross? 4/6/2021 9:26 PM

Their is no choice if people are not open to talking. But real MX has died.

Added reply in a thread Suzuki/JGR potentially coming back???? 4/1/2021 11:05 AM

Its all about who's paying the bills and Suzuki is not ready to do that. Or should I say yet. The just won a MOTO-GP title and Moto=GP isn't cheap

Added reply in a thread Spring Creek to Washougal to Unadilla...WHY? 3/30/2021 3:47 PM

Waiting for the DC answer.

Added reply in a thread Todd DeHoop could use some prayers. 3/27/2021 6:41 PM

Todd was flown home for rehab and recovery. That’s all I know so if anyone has better information please post. Get well Todd.

Added reply in a thread 2021 GasGas 450 or wait till 2022 is out. 3/26/2021 6:03 PM

Hold out. I am learning about front end wallowing that might be to flexible triple clamps.

Started new thread Outdoor Training 3/25/2021 5:46 PM

Glen Helen was full of a few top pros. Webb, Bravia, Stewart, Plessinger, Ferandis, Craig, Folkner, Shamoda, Volland and a few others I didn’t see. Working with the Boss on stuff for Vendors Row for the 2 Stroke race. It was busy.

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Added reply in a thread 30+ ab, 30+ cd, 35+, 40+ab and 40+cd is stupid 3/20/2021 6:26 PM

Today is the first day of the OTMX Nevada Chapter 2 day National in Fernly Nev with over 150 entries and 3 of them are over 80 with the oldest being 85. Great racing with any OTMX chapters in Ca.,Nev., Oregon and Arizona, Idaho, Washington and Montana. ... more »

Added reply in a thread My god that's a long injury list 3/19/2021 8:04 PM

East and West on 125’s and the main class is on 250 2 stroke of 4 stroke. Make for better racing.

Added reply in a thread Ohv riding near San Luis obispo 3/19/2021 4:15 PM

Call Villa racing in SLO the living legend can tell you every place to ride. 1-805-542-9904 ask for Frank.

Added reply in a thread Motocross Action 2021 450 Shootout 3/19/2021 12:10 PM

Almost every test rider has their own favorite bike and several of them when not testing ride their favorite. The bike that suites them the best. They test in back to back moto’s of what a bike does during racing. They test at several SoCal tracks and ... more »

Added reply in a thread 30+ ab, 30+ cd, 35+, 40+ab and 40+cd is stupid 3/18/2021 8:04 PM

Come ride a Saturday REM race. The 50,60 and now 70 classes are filled with ex state pros, ex national pros and guys slow like me we have to

Added reply in a thread Tires at SX 3/17/2021 3:40 PM

They sell to the racers only as far as I know.

Added reply in a thread Perris incident? 3/11/2021 7:31 AM

I support any track that stands up for the safety of it customers. In 40 years working in this sport for fun I have witnessed to many parents cross over the line and had to be dealt with including calling the police to have them removed. I think it’s ... more »

Added reply in a thread GasGas 450 Factory Edition 3/4/2021 2:18 PM

I hear there is someone building a GasGas Factory Edition for a magazine story.

Added reply in a thread 2021 Mt. Rushmore - Best Mechanics Of All Time? 3/4/2021 2:14 PM

Rick Ash Dave Arnold Keith Macarty

Added reply in a thread Bike company name suggestions 2/28/2021 5:39 PM

Live Wired