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MX Sports is the Owner of the series and there is no AMA except as a Title Plate as a courtesy to the AMA Tradition. MX Sports calls the shots just as Feld did in SX. The riders have a right to stand up for their saftey and other concerns.

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He is ours if he does good and their's if he doesn't.

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So it comes down to the dollar. Yesterday there were several riders at Glen Helen like Pieck, Reardon and Townley and Rattray, Anstie and Chatfield and all stood a chance to lose income if they got hurt racing the MTA Race but from what I heard from ... more »

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They do have a Roll Off System and works just a good as the other brands but the googles seem to fit better in the helmet.

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There will be more than 20 riders for MX 1 and MX 2 from across the Pond and the rest of the 40 rider field will be riders here in the US no matter what country they are from. And I heard more than 10 from across the Pond for the Vet GP and the rest ... more »

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I would have thought that coming in un-noticed would be great. Nobody expecting him to do anything and kicking ass. Every reporter tells a story that some people are not going to like and thats part of the job. And if you live and die by what anyone ... more »

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Clutchy when you are sitting on the object you are riding or racing and not enclosed like a car the risk is always going to be there. In fact the risk of a career ending injury is greater in SX than MX because of the timing involved in making the jumps. ... more »

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What huge money loser are you talking about. I would think Pala and MX Sports have more to lose than Glen Helen. If you think Bud bit hook, line and sinker that your idea. I think we need to wait until next year and see what balls get dropped. How many ... more »

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$26,000.00 split between 250 and 450 classes. $3350 to win overall and pays back to $150.00 for 15th. And it will be the Full USGP Track. Looking for the best Pro's and looking to make some cash. It is not per moto. Good luck to all who make the trip. ... more »

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FTE if you know more than I about the contract then you have the right to give me all the shit you think I have coming. You know best so I will just stand back and keep my mouth shut. And if you work for Dirt Diggers then you know all the same facts ... more »

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Davey I wish everybody has success going forward. I just hate rumors and mis-information that ends up being spread out there. I know MX Sports and Glen Helen tried and it did not work. What's in a contract should remain there and not for everyone else ... more »

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I know Michael will try his hardest because he has alot of heart. Good Luck young man

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Ozy, we have found a new partner in SoCal and we are moving forward with them. Pala Raceway will be a very cool place when you hopefully roll in for the national there in September. We have not spoken to Bud or Lori or anyone at Glen Helen since they ... more »

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Guys we best hold judgement until after Sept.11th. We don't want to rush into things to fast like we did the last Sept. 11th issue. It could turn out to be the best new thing in Decades for the Business of Motocross. Sorry but at this level now its not ... more »

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Ozy just send MX Sports an email they can confirm it they were the ones who said no. Check out the web site it looks good for the track and pit area at Pala. It will be first class. I bet fee's increase again before the National.

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My only connection is to this sport called MX. But in the last few years it seems like the sport has left and the dollar is more important. Why can't people see what they are doing to the sport we love. Its not Nascar and never will be. Its a nitch sport ... more »

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Before some of you talk about what was in the contracts unless you have read them and know the whole story you are just asuming you know. There is more there than you know and what is done hopfuly will work out for both. Lets just say there is a lot ... more »