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$70.00 is for 4 1/2 days if you come to race Amatuer Days on Thursday or Friday and the half day is Wed. for move in day. That includes Pit Pass. And if you went to any other races in Socal last year you know you can get in without a big traffic issue ... more »

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Any track on the West Coast after next year.

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Ddavis can say what he feels that is why this place is here. Nate was a friend. We just spoke not to long ago about coming up and going riding. It is part of the sport but we don't have to like it. Nate wore a neck brace and the best helmet and everything ... more »

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My Friend has left us to be with GOD. Take care of him and his Family. I am lucky because he was my Friend and I got to spend time with him. I Miss You Nate.

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I am asking for everyone to pray for Nathan Woods as he has suffered a serious crash at Taft at round one of the Worcs Series. I am praying my friend makes it.

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JP was the soul person to put all the effort in bringing the 2 Stroke National back. He live away from Socal and still did everything from there to make it work. Look at the effort he made to move to the East to work for MX Sports to try and make the ... more »

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Bikes and equipment will already be there. They fly out Sunday and get there on Monday. Riders and Mechanics rest while advance crew has everything put together and then the team practices Tue and Wed and are ready for Friday.

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Maybe no Pala?

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Tom was going to lose his National and they were looking at Texas and Mr. Miller bought the rights to hold one in Freestone. Tom Hurd is a great guy and being form the West Coast I loved his track. I need to get back and ride there again. And Tony Miller ... more »

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Goat Brecker is the original Goat.

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Jim is off the ventilator but cannot talk because of 2 weeks with a tube in his throat it takes time to heal. Talked to his boy John last night and it was the happiest I have heard in Johns voice in 2 weeks. Jim is awake and following instructions and ... more »

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Hope he is well enough to race. You know Epstein Barr just does not go away overnight. You don't think he made that up do you?

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Funny how a contract works. If you want a National you can not have a GP and mind you you are paying to do either. And if its a MXDN it is even worse. But this is the rule of MX Sports. Who was everywhere at the MXDN. MX Sports and it team. John Ayres ... more »

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Should have seen what she was wearing Saturday evening at the Awards.

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I heard its High Point and its being promoted by MX Sporte, I saw them leaving a meeting with Youth Stream.

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Its at Pala.

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Oh there is more but lets leave it on the floor and not pick it up and throw it around again. All sides are happier.

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Maybe Pala raised the price. Maybe looks to be nature of the sport right now and the cost of doing business. Maybe no intrest.

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Wait if Pala had 30,000 then Lakewood should draw 50,000 to 70,000.

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Is that the only National track this year that will not have a National next year? Just asking.