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Glen Helen uses a NASCAR track for their banked first turn out of respect for Taladega but we don’t own it. The names we use are there to represent a person or place out of respect.

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B Dub 333 no one has ever died jumping a jump on a Glen Helen National Track and time the best of my knowledge at any other National Track layout during a National. And any difference at all is because of who is running a race. I can remember years ago ... more »

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One compound the other straight fracture. I would assume in surgery to at least clean things up or fix before heading home to Idaho

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Myron Short for 2X Promotions is the National Promoter for Pala so you figure it out. He made calls to close tracks so what do you think. And you can get all the pissed you want its not a lie. Proven Fact.

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What difference does it make as long as he is enjoying riding a bike. That’s why we all start is for the fun

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I’m a great retired announcer. Ex professional which means I got paid to do it. We need a poll done by pro announcers but hide who they are so those to be judged would not know who judged them. You know they are sensitive in real life. Lol

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Can I ask with all the deaths worldwide how does American politics come into play? Let’s move away from politics and focus on what we can do to get back to a normal and enjoy racing again. It calls for unity not division. Support you local tracks until ... more »

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I am hearing sometime after the end of summer or fall or maybe winter but could be spring but your best bet is when the dealers get some.

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Remember the knobby structure on the MX3S or MX32 was that a low air pressure the knobs would start to tear. So the MX53 front has better bridge structure to stop this but because of that it has changed the grip. I would just stay with the 53 and run ... more »

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When the wife got home and saw my new bike and called me out to the garage. She started asking a lot of questions and when she asked about a part on the bike I turned around to look at the shifter and she hit me with a baseball bat to the head and I ... more »

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Anderson got hurt going around a downed rider who was hurt with medical staff on the track.

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It’s been explained crush it won’t work, won’t fit. It’s a whole different style of business than SX.

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Crush all I was trying to say was it would not work with the outdoor format from all sides. Riders even though not much like purse money. Take that away some could choose to sit out. Each round is $70,000 put up by each track. One track could not do ... more »

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Crush you don’t get it do you? It cost money to make money from the business side. If a track or MX Sports loses more money than it pulls in how long would the Nationals last. SX is a different program.

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Its not about you its not about me its about the sport worldwide and being safe for everyone an Davey is using the common sense that I see missing here. We don't have to like it but we do have to live through it. I hope it never affects any of you, I ... more »

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I forgot to say thank you Davey for the forward thinking. This year is about surviving it and hoping for a new and better start next year.

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Its all about you wanting a race. Because you can't think beyond yourself and understand its not anywhere near as easy as SLC was. It has a lot to do with the financial side of things for the riders, teams and sponsors and Feld to meet obligations. You ... more »

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Who pays the tracks for all of this? Remember they have a $70,000 purse, Track build and the infrastructure they have to have for the TV crews, Watering and still some equipment rentals. And the fee they pay MX Sports if you have more than one race thats ... more »

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Do you know something we all don't. Like where and when a race is held?

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The TV in my front room. No crowd, and it’s free. Great food and drink and the couch is comfortable and the bathrooms don’t smell or are overflowing at least at my house. But in reality I can’t see it happening this year. It would be the best call to ... more »