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Ok. Zero interest. I would have thought there would have been a question or two as I remember someone on here lamenting that no one builds motors with longer con rods anymore, and here is one with a lot of other work with knowledge that may be useful. ... more »

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Do the right thing and round file the RG engine, then fit an RD350 lump. It's an X7 bottom end, with a water cooled power valved top end, which can't cope with 45hp and the cranks and clutches give up. I've one sat on a shelf with both noisy. It has ... more »

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If you're fitting it to a steel frame bike it won't initially fit correctly, or if it's patterned from a steel frame tank it sits slightly higher on a later bike but it'll fit. The tanks will swap between the two although you need to stick a large bit ... more »

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An old bike dismantled and in boxes isn't that unique, everyone has at least one. I've had a lot of luck with Mark's Vintage Swapmeet when looking for bits. No idea about selling as I'm not in America.

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It is possible to polish it. You can polish anything to a shine, even a turd if you varnish it first. It just takes time and if you're going to ride the bike is it worth it if they're just going to get scratched. I don't really understand the hate some ... more »

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Was that it? Even with the stunts for the camera I'd have expected some effort. It's probably the joke yet it seems more like the joke was on us.

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It's your bike. You're an adult, you have to use your own judgement. If I tell you it's OK what happens if the motor grenades itself? If there is any doubt then don't fit it, and learn to be more careful when buying second hand parts. Or if you've broken ... more »

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Anyone with a CNC Plasma or Water Jet cutter. Google for a local company.

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No one is going to make the decision for you, it's one you have to make yourself. If you lack the experience or knowledge to make the call maybe it's best to buy the existing off the shelf solution. Even with a machine shop, and years of experience, ... more »

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I would imagine Classic and Vintage Suspension have already tried what you're suggesting and it either didn't work or they dismissed it. They probably sell the parts they do as it's the best solution.

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I have a complete ignition system from one in a box. I've posted bits to NZ before so know it isn't too expensive from the UK, PM me if you want them. No idea if they work though as just I needed the cases for a YZ, although they're free so no harm if ... more »

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All of the bolts are metric coarse. M5 coarse is 0.8mm pitch. Metric fine has a pitch of 0.5mm. It isn't metric fine. I looked up JIS standards for you too and a 5mm O.D. thread has a 0.8mm pitch, same as ISO. ... more »

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Guess you mean this part? Have had to drill some out out on a YZ and CRF and they were M5. ... more »

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Just forks no idea. Whole front end from a CRF will slot in with no mods. It's not too difficult to get the upper stanchions cleaned up and re anodised, likely be cheaper too.

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Missed where you said it was for a KTM. Only KTM that has been through my hands belongs to my brother in law, so no idea about them really. If you did want to fit Showa forks then it's machining a new steering stem for the yokes, rather than a custom ... more »

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It's lovely to ride on, infinitely adjustable and pretty much just a nicer clone of Showa kit. It wouldn't be worth you paying the extra to import it when you can buy new or used Showa stuff cheaper.

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The problem is it'll possibly have been imported under a couple of different names to get around type approval. It does say Dirt Master yet Google returns next to nothing useful. You'll need to find out the code for the propriety design these companies ... more »

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Looks like a Chinese Honda clone engine. Look for a mark on it that says 156FMI, it looks like a 156FMI unit. Good luck finding plastic as you'll need it. Try Brooks Barn or Ali Express to try and identify the manufacturer and buy bits.

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The Mikuni TMX will do that no matter what jets are in it unless either the float height is set perfectly or a NLA gasket isn't leaking. If you're determined to keep the TMX then the tool to screw in the float bowl to see the fuel level is worth buying. ... more »