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The fin. I had one. Looked sick bro haha.

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Besides the usual people, (RC,JS7, RV2, RD, or MC) who do you miss watching race? Guys that were doing it for the love weather they were on a factory ride or doing it on their own efforts. I miss seeing K-Dub out there and those pre race transfers he ... more »

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Awww man that sucks. He was kicking ass out there. I hope he heals up And is ready for out doors. Damn.

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Does anyone know what happened to Griz? Sorry if there was a post about it I didn’t see anything.

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Yep I’m screwed I thought I had my picks down. Lol. Damn it.

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I love this I’m a huge fan already. You’ve got the best riders in the world and it just seems like they are just going for it.

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Maybe instead of bringing back with some ice put in a couple of new classes. Like a schoolboy class or a supermini class kind of the same racing style format as the monster energy cup

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In your opinion who do you think is the most consistent racer whether it’s the 250 class or the 450 class. Who tends to stay healthy throughout the season, etc....

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Anyone get video of Mr 2 stroke Ronnie out there?

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I'm 240 6ft tall and I ride a CRF 450 with no problems. I can cruise with my son or open it up when I need to.

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See this is why I would not be a good AMA official. Kawasaki would come to me and say that they wanted to file a protest and to be fine and my response would be here but it's pretty sweet though Ha It was a good pass.

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They are a team. If he did it to let Ryan get ahead by just a few points that's team work.

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I'm just curious. Has there ever been a top pro who did not qualify for the heat races or the night show just because they weren't fast enough. Not due to mechanical problems or a big crash.

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I say stay on a 250. Stay healthy. And I think he needs to season himself a couple more years. Don't want to jump to the big boys too early and not be able to contend. Just don't turn into Davalos

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Also put into perspective that he came into the season behind everyone and is keeping up and not letting down. He rides his race keeps his nose clean and I feel he is proving himself. IMO he is doing great and is just gaining momentum for the next four ... more »

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Is it me or would anyone else just like to watch the races and not have anyone talking. They say the same stuff over and over and over.

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Just from his IG posts a lot of people are stepping in to lend a and hand to good ol Deano. Other mechanics from other teams. That's why I love this sport so much. The brotherhood and love of the sport.

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Dude that pass he pulled on Seely and Dungey was bad ass. He just grabbed a handful of throttle a BRAAAAAAP! Right past them both

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I have never been a fan of James Stewart but I have always been a fan of Malcom Stuart their heads are in different places James is more out there and Me me me and Malcolm has his head down he's focused he's a lot more humble and he just wants to race ... more »