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I heard the interview and hope it happens.

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Why are you calling out DC? Those are the AMA rules, not the promoters. However since we have his attention I would like like to see a 125 class like the EMX125 series in Europe :-)

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Thank God!!!

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I rode a 2021 CRF250 today and I really liked it! It was fun to run, handled great, had great power delivery and felt natural, like I've owned it for years even though I just go on it. I'll add the 2022 CRF250 to my short list for a new bike if they ... more »

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I’m sorry that I can’t confirm it’s a Thor but I am jealous!

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I'm not clicking on that link to give that assclown any more traffic for his BS website.

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Unfortunately you need to keep those carbs clean and by clean I don't mean spraying carb cleaner in them and calling it done. You need to dis emblem them, clean them good, then blow every passage and jet out with compressed air. I do this often on my ... more »

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I was glad to see him back. Style wise, the way he hangs off the bike is great so it's great seeing him ride.

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Damn, hoping he gets better soon! How gnarly is it that he walked to the Mule?

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I haven't had any luck with the ebay PW plastic. Fits like shit but my kid doesn't know any better.

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Over tightened?

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I'm not very's the last 3 of my AMA

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Stay loose. I hate riding in the mud (mostly I hate cleaning up after a mud race) but I'm really good at it because I grew up in it.

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isn't this the same company that bought then ran Sports Authority to ground? I would say it doesn't look good given their history.

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Another satisfied customer of EVO-MX here too!

Started new thread Looking for an airbox for an 80-81 RM80 11/15/2017 11:28 AM

Hello, I need an airbox assembly for a 1980-1981 Suzuki RM80. If you have one and can part with it please let me know.

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I restored an 80 RM125 last winter and it turned out great. You've got a much better starter bike that I had so you'll have fun. Looking forward to seeing what you do with it.

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Not really. Not after you consider the cost of 8-12 hours of diesel fuel for the 1-2 dozers, a skid-steer, maybe a tractor (not including maintenance), paying flaggers, paying someone for signup, paying the EMT crew, and the minimum $1M insurance policy ... more »

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No pet peeves but around here we don't have a shop that is into MX. They focus on selling street bikes to the military guys/gals and don't even put the MX bikes on the floor. You have to ask to see them and they're in a back warehouse area. Either way ... more »

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Based off of the Racer-X article with Big James JS7 will not be spending his own money to go racing so if he's to be believed we won't see that happening and he made it very clear that he will also require factory parts like suspension and ECUs he's ... more »