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RIP Joel, I never got to see him race but back in the early 80's at a USGP at Unadilla if I remember right he took a parade lap on a SWM which was pretty cool to see. Here is a photo I took of Joel at the 2006 MXdN at Matterley Basin , I think he was

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The photo file name says Lytle_sx, its number 32 on a 2-stroke Honda. Its Casey Lytle if its titled correctly Edit, I just watched the video clip Maverick posted, it is Danny Smith, Mav is right as usual

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Nice shot Jeff! The second corner(and the rest of the track) at Unadilla isn't like the old days like in Fran's photo of Johnny O when it was nice loam you could berm off of. I rode Unadilla back in July at a amateur race there, the second corner was ... more »

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Thanks Jemcee, I remember taking those photos of Michael Byrne and Chad Reed,I thought it was cool that they hung out after their race to watch the 250 race and were doing a little bench racing. I need to take more photos like that, Rupert is great at ... more »

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My shot of Ryan Dungey from 2010 isn't as cool as Fran's shot but it was my favorite shot of 2010.

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Cool video, thanks for posting. Doc has a awesome collection. Checkout minute 5:40 , Doc talked a little about how he had work visa problems at the end of 1998 caused by LaRocco's dad , I wonder what the whole story is there?

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Yup, that's Jeff,it looks like Rup's photo is from about 2005 or 2006, it might be his dad with him in the photo.

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I use Scott Split goggles over my glasses and I am very happy with them.

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I can't believe Eli passed Adam, its a long shot for the title but Adam might need those 3 points next moto

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Go for it Jeff! I just turned 60 and I still ride , just a few times a month now, When I was racing I rode two times a week so I stepped back a lot but its still fun and it good exercise so I don't get fatter than I am now. lol I raced a Unadilla amateur ... more »

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It was 2006 Matt, that was the last national at Binghamton,I didn't get a photo of Jason parking you but I did get a photo of him sitting in the first turn with the pack long gone, he did pretty good to come from last to qualify in a short LCQ. Jeff

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Moleskin sheets work for me, the glue residue is a pain to get off sometimes but it’s worth it.

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250 SX points, they count now

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Sorry for digging up a old thread, I think it was Ron Sun and Richie Coon on the factory Honda's, they were very trick bikes. That was a good summer here in New England, they went to a few races from what I remember. I found this thread searching for ... more »

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Nice bike and price, but aren't the shocks on upside down?

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My DVR missed it on NBC too, it is going to be repeated on Friday, at 4:00pm est on NBCSN

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It is different in every state. Here in Mass I paid my sales tax and didn't have to get a title (MX Bike), and I have sold or traded in bikes with just the certificate of origin.

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I hope he still shows up at the local tracks once in a while, I always like getting shots of him riding.

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Back when I used to work at a Harley shop the head torque used to be like that , I think the Harley torque was something like 7 ft lbs, then 14 ft lbs the tighten them 90 degrees, so if its the same sequence stage 3 for you would be tighten them 50 degrees ... more »

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I use Moleskin sheets along with my knee brace sleeves,they work great, you can use them 2 or 3 times before the adhesive gives out,the only thing that sucks is the first time you use them some adhesive stays on you leg,its sorta a pain to get off but ... more »