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“I don’t want to start a whole debate or call you assholes”...Nice underhanded way of taking the highroad! Lol...but IMO it pretty much puts you in the same category as someone who says “circle jerking Gentlemens club” other than the fact your comment ... more »

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If "There’s so much missing the point in [my] response" why then don't you explain it?....for instance, explain why your back to back statements I quoted above aren't contradicting. I can only reply to what you write....and it sounds super unempathetic ... more »

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What's the point you're trying to make?....That a person can't improve the condition of their SCI through willpower, determination, perseverance and refusing to give up?...or you just don't like hearing about it? Are you telling people who overcame a

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After watching that video...IMO, Metz is chill...Metz is right. Seems to me the bad publicity of banning him is worse than the bad publicity created by his constructive criticism. Oh yeah, and I also think drinking alcohol at the motocross track while ... more »

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Many words come to mind when I hear the name Tanel, longevity, perseverance, Mr. MXDN's, Mr. Motocross, R-E-S-P-E-C-T!....but I like to call him the Estonian Rock!

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That thing looks trick, but a little cumbersome to store in the truck if you're already packed tight. I use a Ready Ramp that doubles as a bed extender with my tailgate down. It increases my storage capacity, I don't need a place to store it and it's

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I don’t know, but the Paul Thede I knew and dealt with years ago was smart as fuck and a stand-up dude. I doubt they’d just outright rip you off. I would chalk it up to unusual Covid pandemic times and keep trying.

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Thanks for sharing! Here's a couple of Canard on a quiet practice day at Perris in 08

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That question should be asked in January for SX, and in May for outdoors....right now it doesn't matter. Racers abilities vary throughout the year...nobody is "on point" 24/7/365. However, I'd say the best you can answer that question right now would ... more »

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So it sounds like Geico is still involved in putting money into our sport?!.

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I was waiting for someone to post this footage. Thanks bayodom!

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Jeff and Geico helped make a lot of good shit happen for a lot of good people...from K-Dub and JG33 on down the line...including an entire supporting staff! Thanks for the memories!

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It's horrific as AJ's injury is/was and as sad as it made wasn't till we got this good news that he actually woke up and is relatively OK, that my eyes welled up with tears....of happiness of said by the Flaming Lips, ... more »

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lol...I have to be honest, I didn't even read your entire last reply. You are willing to spend more time on this than I am. To sum it up with less typing, the government is encouraging advancements in technology, and a cleaner more sustainable future ... more »

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I don’t have a plan for that...but then again, I didn’t have a plan for computers, TVs, combustion engines, riding a rocket to the moon or even electricity. As you know, there were doubters with all of those advancements...Nikola Tesla would’ve told ... more »

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I would wait eight weeks for the holes from where the hardware was removed to fill the meantime I would start doing light exercises, as bones strengthen and buttress according to forces applied to them. The good news is it looks like his wrist ... more »

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Killer footage. I liked your GoPro Tear off! As far as hectic first turns go...I would just say you were late to the party. Hectic is 40 vet national racers fighting for the same realestate. That was fun to watch though...great job on the race. One of ... more »

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I am a total AC fan and that Incident bummed me out, however, I feel like your fanaticism has clouded your judgment. This is motocross!

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Electric by 2035?.... Sounds good to me! Some states just don’t give a shit about their environment. I wish we could fast forward 15 years and see the expression on your face when you’re the only one burning fossil fuels. The times are changing old man

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That's funny...I have 2 or 3 of those white ODI grips just "laying around" as well...and I didn't buy any of them. I put a pair on my concept 2 rower (two lefties). I don't know where they came from...maybe a big race sign-up...maybe I won them at Mammoth. ... more »