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Only one? This thread prompts so many questions. Like who owns a cage? Who even has "a friend that owns a cage"? Why would you own a cage? Where would you keep a cage if you owned one? Why do Cooksey and Butler want to fight?....what is even going on ... more »

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For the last couple weeks I’ve been watching Freddie’s blog and I noticed my friend from the Saddleback days almost 40 years ago and more recently from REM, Chris Cole (Cole Equipment Rentals) has been helping him out. That is soo cool! I’m stoked for ... more »

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Just bought Russia only and not working here either. Fuck Giuseppe!

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I'd love to see the youngens try their hand at a baked Saddleback...bonsai start, suicide double and all.

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Nice can see Jet’s rear wheel bouncing upwards just before it swings into Justin’s front wheel.

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I think he was O'fer 4...

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His shirt is absolutely hilarious!

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Imagine Barcia’s face when he realizes someone sent you this and it cracked you

Am I not getting something, other than that I have no idea what CERB means? Oh... I get it.... I had to blow up the picture to see the comment. That’s pretty ... more »
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$60 for Thunder Valley...which I can understand....but $40 to

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Looks like a free raffle box at Subway. Put your business card in here and we pick out one winner a week for a free sandwich!

Started new thread Am I wrong thinking AC has lead the opening laps of the last 3 series in a row? 5/30/2021 10:12 AM

Lorreta's 1 outdoors, Huston 1 SX and now Pala 1 outdoors again? I guess a first lap does NOT make a series. Here's to hoping he pulls it together this time!

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That’s a weird thing to say. I guess you think Cameron didn’t want cameras filming him because it would ruin his ego?

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What does seening something even mean?

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I don’t know about the Osborne part of your post, but it is hard to argue against your point about Sexton. Chase came within a whisker of winning the first moto and although he went down in the first turn of the second moto, he looked like he was moving ... more »

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Mammoth 2005. #3 is Wardy ... more »
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Another one I took that same day in the same corner; the top of Mt. Whitney on the REM part of the 2006 Glen Helen National track. I believe RC hurt his shoulder that day and had to skip the MXDN.
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More of a question than opinion...why not just improve upon the line that your family already has. Why start an apparel line in competition with another apparel line that happens to be your namesake?...or is Renen owned by Fox and is just a subsidiary?...a ... more »

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His track record was good THEN...let alone "since then."