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Ride year round

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I would agree with Paw Paw on this! I got an inversion table after i was diagnosed with Cervical Spinal Stenosis (after over jumping a jump and landing super hard) and it makes a world of difference. Granted my injury is in my neck and causes my left ... more »

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What year?

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2nd this all the way! Switched to Airbrakes from 100% about a year ago and my only regret is that i didn't switch sooner. Field of vision is amazing and they don't pinch my nose like most others. Pricey yes, but well worth it in my opinion....

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Didn't take as many pictures as i would have liked, but man - what a fun day of racing! We've gone to a lot of events at COTA, but F1 was top notch. We scored Club passes from my wife's work right on turn 12 and it was quite the experience! Never been

... more »
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I knew Brad for a few years when i lived in Bend! I never knew they had a track up there, but that is awesome!

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Thanks for everything David! Was a Friday morning ritual logging on to Racer-x and reading Ask Ping. I proud myself on being quite the smart ass, but you are on a whole other level my friend!

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Just got tickets today for the race here in Texas in a few weeks! Been to a few Indy car races, but never F1 - so i am pretty excited!

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I did the same..... Now at 38 and only getting to ride a few times a month, 4 stroke is just much easier for me to go fast on.. I would love to have some of the bikes i had growing up, the XR included. That should be a fun project!

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i had one of these and loved it! Never raced it, used it mostly for riding trails (grew up in Oregon). Went from that bike that no power what so ever to a built YZ80 race bike. Was a bit of an adjustment

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I second or third this! Even though i loved the quality and price of the 100% Racecrafts, they caused breathing issues for me as well. Switched to Oakley Airbrakes and I am amble to breath much better thru my nose. They are pricy, but high quality and ... more »

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No worries. Let me know if you change your mind!

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i'll give ya $175 for them

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Frisbees also work pretty good for sprocket protectors and don't cost very much...

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So, you two used to date? Or what?

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They are packing everything into those Tundra's (with huge beds) and shutting shit down.....

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Man, i remember just staring at those Fox ads dreaming about having gear like that lol. Would be sweet if they reproduced it for sure!

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Convinced in the world of Vital some billionaire could start a team for privateers, pay them shit tons to race, have naked monster girls, serve free beer in the pits, and some would still find a way to shit all over or it or find something wrong with ... more »

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Have not followed it much, but did they say how long she has lived in that apartment?