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At least the toilet paper is on the correct way!

Honestly if alot of people weren't fucking slobs with zero sense when it comes to germs and human hygiene, this wouldn't have even been a thing. Its all shit they taught us kindergarten, yet ... more »
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I've been using it on bikes for years, but just started using it on our vehicles as well. So far, i only use it on any plastic trim and tires - never on painted surfaces. Im sure it would work, but both our cars i did the ceramic coating on so maybe ... more »

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My wife and I have been discussing our options. Problem is with a big company like that, they would likely bankrupt us with what we would have to pay for a lawyer. I think had she gotten hurt and gone to doc or E.R and been denied, that's when i would

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Not auto insurance related, but insurance non the less. Our daughter has had her own Blue Cross / Blue Shield policy since she was born. At the time it was called the "Legacy Plan" and over the years we have made damn sure that was the one bill that ... more »

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Quads really are the fat chicks of the off road world. Fun? Sure. But don't let your buddies catch you riding one!

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Amazing build man! Cant wait to see the finished product! You are clearly someone who doesn't fuck around since you get more done on the "not going to get much done today" days than most would in a weekend! Lol If you ever change your mind about making ... more »

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Apparently that's the trend right now. Posted my daughters CRF70, was gone in 3 days. Currently turning her 50 into a pit bike while i am down with a broken ankle. I know the 70 would have been a better choice, but didn't ever want to sell her first

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How much for seat?

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Reading this makes me miss living in the PNW...… Fuck, who am i kidding - i miss almost everything about Oregon and Washington!

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When someone (rather a professional athlete or not) puts in the blood, sweat, and tears that he has - i would say they can go out however the fuck they want...…

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The real question is how many panties have dropped?

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Waiting for my test results to come back in, but if i am negative - Murphys Sat fo sho! Found out yesterday i had contact with a person who had just been confirmed positive, went and got tested just to be sure!

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Its "little people", not midget! Racist prick!

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Mattyhamz dropping some knowledge and great advice!!! Congrats to you and your wife! Not much i can add that the others haven't said, other than i couldn't agree with them more. One of the scariest, yet most amazing things you will ever do or be a part ... more »

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Its a little newer than what you are referring to, but i absolutely love my 2011. Does everything i ask and more and plenty of power for i would assume every weekend warrior! Figure this will be the bike i retire on, unless i can find a good deal on

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Never tried it during Moto, but i cant snowboard without it. Kind of funny, but the 1st few times i tired it - i hated it. Felt like it was distracting and ate shit more than usual. Then after about the 3rd day with them it just kind of clicked. The ... more »

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Im going to need to taste that to confirm! I would say bring some to Murphy's, but that's out of the question for now...….

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There's a better chance i leave my kid outside for 3 days!

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Looks amazing man! Nice work!!