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I saw Jett lose the rear several times coming out of the turn onto the rollers. He was riding the outside edge of the track and it was really loose/soft. I saw him nearly go down twice there. He was the best Geico rider through the rollers. All the others ... more »

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I think AC will win a big bike title. But, he is not close to RC.

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Zach is fast. I didn't realize how fast Zach was until I saw it in person. His bike is dialed in. Adam is fast. Later in the motos he was getting sketchy. After going down with Marvin he wasn't riding the same. I don't know what the deal is with Tomac. ... more »

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I am not a firearms EXPERT by any means. How ever, I'm a retired LEO. We carried frangible rounds in our ARs. The frangible round is non lethal after penetrating 3 sheets of drywall. The 9mm pistol I carried was still lethal after 7 sheets of drywall. ... more »

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Thanks for the info! That's exactly what I was looking for. Much appreciated.

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Thinking about going this year. It looks like qualifying starts at 1 and the night show starts at 7:30. Does anybody know approximately how long qualifying lasts? Are there things to do at the venue between qualifying and the night show? Is finding parking ... more »

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WTF! Jim Pomeroy?

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I have similar problems with my back. While researching back problems on the internet a ran across a Dr Stuart McGill. He has some interesting and informative videos that deal with back pain and exercises to strengthen your back. I would recommend doing ... more »

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My favorite quality pocket knife is a Bench Made.

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Thanks for the info. I'm going to get an elliptical. I used them in PT and liked them. I can't swim for beans, or I would. I saw one on sale at Costco. A ProForm 1120E for 799.99 delivered. I'm going with Newmann's advice and going to try different ones ... more »

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Need advice on exercise equipment. I had 2 micro discectomies last year and can no longer jog or get my heart rate to a high level. I think I was told that an elliptical is one of the better machines for a bad back. It is supposed to help stretch muscles ... more »

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Thanks Paw Paw. Its an OEM piston. I'm going with .0015. I still need to get a manual. I talked to a Honda shop owner who was a Honda mechanic in the late 60s thru the 80s.

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I just picked up a 1975 Honda XL125. I am in the process of going 1 over on the cylinder and I can't find the piston cylinder clearance specs anywhere. I think it is .0004 to .0012. I already picked up the piston but I need to let the machine shop know ... more »

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Anyone know who pays for the hospital bill and the follow up bills when Anderson gets home?

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The financial office at MMI will do all the grant searches for you. I got a $1300.00 grant. Here in AZ it is very difficult to find a technician job at a dealer. The shops are laying people off right now. Several shops have actually closed down. I heard ... more »