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Reply to Kawasaki Team mates AC & Eli 5/26/2020 6:03 AM

You're deluded if you think that Kawi wont have a plan for this scenario. If Tomac needs a spot on the track, they will want AC to give it to him. Whether AC acts on it is a different question.

Reply to Mx lap timer 5/25/2020 7:27 AM

I've seen that and i know Keefer is testing it. But it's just too expensive to import to Europe because of the shipping and import taxes... It looks really good though!

Reply to Dirt Shark | Misunderstood w/ Dylan Ferrandis 5/25/2020 5:08 AM

By far Dirt Sharks best work in years. That edit was epic, and DFs style is amazing.

Reply to Mx lap timer 5/25/2020 2:52 AM

I thought i would bump this thread. I ordered a Polar Vantage M GPS watch and i'm looking for an Android app to analyze the data after the motos i do. The most important thing is lap times. What are the go-to apps in 2020? The LitPro app looks good and ... more »

Reply to Disable Adblock to support VitalMX 5/23/2020 2:15 PM

I have disabled it and will continue with that, i hope most people do that! But i do have a small complaint, i think it's wrong from Vital to put ads over embedded videos from YouTube. I understand the need of ad revenue but that is in my opinion greasy. ... more »

Reply to Before my wallet speaks for me 5/23/2020 11:13 AM

If you felt small on the KTM you'll feel even smaller on a Yamaha. I don't have experience of the CRF so i can't comment on that. But the KTM is a "taller" bike with more room for the legs because the gap between the seat and the pegs is noticeably longer ... more »

Reply to 100 percent Armega Goggle 5/22/2020 10:40 PM

Scott changed the foam on the prospects for the 2019 goggles so the foam is almost twice the thickness of the first version of the Prospect. But other than that, i agree. I'm still using Prospects because i get such a good deal on them but the Armega ... more »

Reply to New Bell Helmets 5/22/2020 7:30 AM

Reply to Pro taper SELA hits the shelves next week 5/22/2020 12:02 AM

I have never gotten any answers from that email when i have had questions about their products. The only way i got an answer was going straight to Paul on social media. I'll still stick with the EVO bar and their products because they are very good, ... more »

Reply to New Bell Helmets 5/21/2020 9:57 PM

I think you're mixing Dirtbikebitz with some other company, i've bought multiple times from them through the years and never had any issues. The helmet arrived from England to my doorstep in Finland in 3 business days.

Reply to 2012 MXdN - Lommel, Belgium 5/19/2020 5:50 AM

Such an underrated ride from Barcia. He rode fantastic all weekend long.

Reply to HGS Exhaust Yamaha 2017-2019 YZF450 5/19/2020 5:20 AM

The muffler will fit 18-20 and the header 18-19. Great price, i would buy it if it would be for the 250!

Reply to Ben townley 2004 replica 5/19/2020 4:44 AM

That is such a cool bike!

Reply to So, the Altitude at SLC.........Advantage Tomac? 5/18/2020 10:13 PM

Tomac definitely has an advantage because of where he trains, how big or small that advantage is is very difficult to say. Then again, Roczen is always great in the beginning of a series and Tomac usually starts a bit slower. And this is basically a ... more »

Reply to New Bell Helmets 5/18/2020 12:17 PM

I have no idea when the Moto 10 will be here but you can get a Moto 9 Flex for about 300€ brand new, i bought one from England about 3 weeks ago from Dirtbikebitz.

Reply to Fairly important factor when it comes to racing SX in the proposed 5/18/2020 5:02 AM

The Bundesliga started this weekend and it was horrible without fans. The one thing that "saves" SX is that in my opinion the fans doesn't add anything. It will basically be like the RDL practice streams and that is fine in my opinion.

Reply to MX Lessons, are they worth it? 5/18/2020 1:32 AM

In my experience yes, but only if you do it private or with a small group of 3-4 riders (5 is the absolute maximum amount). 10+ groups are almost a waste of time. Yes, you'll get a good day of riding but the odds are that the guy teaching wont be able ... more »

Reply to Pro taper SELA hits the shelves next week 5/17/2020 10:33 PM

The advantage of being tall and having long legs is huge, especially if you're on a 450. I'm 175cm with short legs and it is impossible to start a 450 without locking the forks down. Start device levels that out somewhat. So i don't see the negative ... more »

Reply to What’s it worth? Ktm kit suspension 5/17/2020 10:15 PM

The shock will fit all KTM and Husky 2016-> linkage models. The forks will fit even older bikes with the change of the front wheel spacers/front axle if the clamps work on the older bikes. The bummer for you is that Technical Touch has a heavy discount ... more »