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Agreed. I just started to get back into riding again. Riding about 2 times a week and noticing my stamina going way up. Just ride until you can’t feel your hands or move your fingers lol. That’s what I do; when finally I have to pull off the track for

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Wouldnt mind buying a pair of both and just put away for 20 years.

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Call Blake Baggett

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No events in the South East?

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You would get that close? You’re crazy. 100ft minimum for me

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You only live once, abs you’re only young once. Just do it and have fun.

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I had an older 98 Silverado and got tired of spending weekends working on it and thinking about the money I was spending on a old truck. Decided to sell it and got a 16 Silverado with about 60k miles for about $30,000. I’m happy, it’s 4WD, V8, 4 doors, ... more »

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Y’all are boring as fuck. Don’t like it, don’t buy it. You’ll look like a goon pulling off the track after 3 laps anyways. They know who they’re marketing this gear to. And if you don’t like it, it’s not you. Go buy the same boring gear you wear 5 times ... more »

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I try not to go longer than 2-3 weeks otherwise I’ll be fighting off arm pump on my next ride

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I second this. My first bike I bought and restore was a 97 YZ125. Everyone talked about how fast that motor was, and yes, for a 125, that’s 1 year younger than me, it has no problem hauling my 6’3” ass around the track

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I can second this. I recently moved to Florida and all of these tracks are great, with great owners and people. Such a good state for moto

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Stay home, crank some tunes, put down some beers, and polish that crank

I can’t wait to get a house with a garage again so I can spend nights wrenching
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Please bring a 125 class. I think KTM just needs to create one more brand and they’ll bring it back (LOL) But forreal, the MC125 looks like a great bike, and I’d love to see the Euro brands all go line up against a couple YZ125’s...oh and if Suzuki had

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What a shame. It’s sad when a business completely changed direction due to a change in CEO. I’ll take my money elsewhere.

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Thumppppapapapapapa!!! smile

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Thank me later fellas. Merry Xmas

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Shoulda got MX Bikes

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That’s what I’m saying

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