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What did his patch say?

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I've walked a few nationals after the races and they're all gnarly as hell. But which track is the absolute hardest for the pros? As in Terrain Difficulty along with dirt composition and the track breakdown through the day? I mean obviously this is excluding ... more »

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What kind of staple gun will pierce the seat plastic? Im re-covering my fc450s seat and the hand staple gun aint working lol

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Idk about any of you guys, but i would Punt my grandma over a berm for a championship.

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Pfffff, idk im a wuss I jump everything at perris on the main track/ dabble on statefair main as well... But cannot ride lacr's main track for the life of me.. i was barely able to handle their vet track.. I think the higher speeds is what fucks me up ... more »

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With this new Sofi stadium we have in Los Angeles for the Rams, will we see a supercross in it? It would also change the sx dynamic of having to wait for the first football shaped stadium for the season. Anybody got any insight on the stadium stuff?

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Bro thankyou, i was searching for like a hour for this video last night for this thread...For me this is a Top 5 of all-time video.

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The dude was Hauling balls, seems like he found that blake bagget gear that lap lol

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OSBORNE!!!!!!!! Hold it fucking Wide baby!

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#15, Because Mcgrath, and in 93 i was a super impressionable 5 yr old and he was my favorite rider at the time... Then I got desk #15 in school and took it as a sign lol... Been rocking #15 in everything since.

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well it kinda worked like a sitck and ball sports trade from my understanding.

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wait wut.... Roczens decision to retire? Tf is this

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Me and my buddy have been stuck on mxbikes... and until a developer plays this and looks at the real moto community and says lets take this and make it a tad bit easier with the same physics and details.. I shall stick with these harder sims. The day ... more »

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I have legit wondered about this myself with my leatt and my evs... Same with the atlas.. I have always wondered about it twisting and cutting your neck open....thank you for verifying this.

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The question is, how can we market moto to get these kinds of numbers? Then the riders need work to get a piece of the pie.

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Damn, idk this is a close call.. I liked all of em alot. Corey Creed might get a movie job after pulling all those damn stunts lol (The cop car etc)

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Careful the folks round here dont like these kind of conversations and will immediately ask you where the funds are coming from? Then deflect again about not knowing what feld is making or spending per race. Then deflect again and again and again. Check

... more »
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It started about 05 or 06.. The year that they groomed the tracks between motos and ricky complained because they were all super super smooth. Ever since then the ripping ultra deep seems to have continued. I miss watching the guys use creativity like ... more »