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Everybodys financial situation is unique so theres that, that blanket statements cannot fix. Moto, missed a key element along with all forms of racing and that is modernization and technology. Mx still operates like its in the 70s. Hot dusty dirty all ... more »

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Ferrandis!!!!!!!! Fuckyeah

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Jorgensen deserved to be penalized on that... Because he went off the track and the other dude was already in the air over the triple.. so he should've entered right after the fly racing tuff block before the apex of the corner.. thats all he had to ... more »

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Ahem fuck that noise.... The thought of being wfo in a desert race on unseen ground literally scares the fuck outta me... Id rather attempt to skim 3ft whoops in the beginner class with em all around me.

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I was WFO for the 1st place medal at K1 speed...(Put my friend into the barriers two turns before the finish line to, rubbins racin).. so you bet your ass i would be WFO for a 2ft tall trophy made of wood

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Heres my take. 1. Im already saving my $$$ for one 2. More places to ride, because face it, unless you have people actively trying to watch the hills for somebody on a e-bike or emtb.. you will be able to slip in and out so damn quick because you cant ... more »

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Im wondering as well

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I was wondering the same thing

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450s and AC. I dont see it or even see a sniff at a title for him in that class. He entered 250s with cooper webb, who dominated and is now showing up in the premier class... If im a team manager, I'd take a bye this off season on him and I'd put my ... more »

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Back in 2005 they hayday of Lake Elsinore MX, I was minding my own business killing the vet track, passing the older dudes on my 01 250f being a 16 yr old practice day hero. nailing the double-double-double on the vet feeling like a badass. Well anyway ... more »

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Ok hear me out, Would it be possible for Sx tracks to regain some interest track design wise, by creating an obstacle that shows up every year. But each round has a different iconic section or jump or turn/start that would be or could be configured differently. ... more »

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Nope, Not saying its his yet

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Video Comprehension or reading comprehension is not a strong suite for some of you guys. i swear I guarantee its a documentary of his life or a a similar thing like a biopic. No way is he going to announce a new freaking helmet or try to sell something ... more »

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I've always wanted a B main event because.. lets be honest some dudes aint making the A mains who are really really fast.

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What happend to the multiple line choices that the AMA would do at the tracks? What i mean by this, is back in from like 94 to 2001 or even 2000 (unsure when it stopped). I don't know who made the call but they used to put haybales (now tuffblocks) in ... more »

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So when is the tell all coming out?? Besides all of these holier than thou and championship only tards in here. I want a release date and time lol. This is a Instabuy

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I bought it on my nintendo switch. I must say that im enjoying everybit of this game on my switch. I only use it in handheld mode so there js that, but its beautiful and plays solid on the switch with the full 12 riders on the gate. I might get it on ... more »

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Turns out you have to download the release statement from Limewire