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My two favourite looking graphics of all time, both production...

Bikes looked so bold and cheerful back in the 90s. ... more »
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On top of fuel prices going through the roof we're likely going to see significant food shortages coming towards the end of the year... Start prepping now if you haven't already.

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Ridiculous move, even by Barcia's standards. Malcom was lucky not to be injured.

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As a viewer I liked it personally. Imo we need more tracks like that, not less. As per the 1996 Denver SX atop the latest vids section - it was like a throwback to the 90s. Even RC struggled somewhat to remember when they last had terrain like it. Watching ... more »

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AMA: 2001 & 2003 125 MX. & 2011 both 450 SX and MX. MXGP: 2015 MX1 (Those few rds with RV were SO exciting - every race thread, every practice vid felt like a must watch etc) 2018 (Jeffrey in full beast mode - not activated to quite the same ... more »

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Shaping up to be an unmissable MX season! Hope there's a way to watch it here.

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On purely the issue of speed: The GP riders are generally able to better handle a greater range of conditions (though not all) than their AMA counterparts, and have noticeably stepped up their game over the last couple of decades. However I think too ... more »

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I'm going through season 5 of The Last Kingdom but otherwise haven't felt the desire to use it in months. Not sure what the U.S version's like but there aren't enough good movies on it for me either.

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You can sum the whole modern era up by the term 'uniform'. I'm not saying it's all bad or that we never get good racing etc - of course we do. But in regards to riders navigating the track there seems to be far less variance in speed either lost or gained ... more »

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Kenny and Stefan. Arguably the finest race of Kenny's career thus far: Typical Everts. Just look at how he is at 5:20 vs say 33:05... No difference. Seemingly on a trail ride while he marches away from a very determined and fast Josh Coppins.

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I'm sorry to have read of this. I didn't know him personally but he always came across as very likeable and a great guy. RIP.

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You never agree with what someone has to say all the time but overall I have nothing but respect for Jordan. Young people (young men especially) are so often directionless and lost these days - JP has helped many, many people orientate themselves onto ... more »

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There's an advantage gained to missing the whoops otherwise he wouldn't have done it, and a potential advancement gain to staying out, otherwise he wouldn't have done that either. Everyone ahead of Cooper had to take that risk for the remainder of the ... more »

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I had no problem with him rolling around slowly if that's all he can manage - but he shouldn't skip ANY part of the track. There's a risk factor to every obstacle. Both the riders behind and ahead are taking said risk every lap.

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Very cool!

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I wouldn't say believe but I must admit to finding the idea that humans, during the deep deep past, were genetically altered by some sort of Alien race (the Annunaki etc) a cool concept. Always thought it could make an awesome sci-fi movie... That said ... more »

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Albee did a one off rd in South Africa in 04 or 05. More like a fun thing for him though.

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A degree of luck, a degree of being better built. But the real reason, as stated near the top of this thread, is that the greats (anyone with a major championship and certainly multiple), are able to go fast without riding over their heads. Ezra Lusk ... more »

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2001 125 title fight is still a classic. Pastrana, Langston and Brown giving it their all. A touch off subject but it's disappointing the older racing footage tends to be such poor quality. Even going to just 2008 etc. Very difficult to find good quality. ... more »

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I ended up picking this up a couple of wks ago for my nephews for when they come over, and for something to show off the power of PS5 to visitors with. Anyway I must say it does look utterly stunning! I prefer the 60fps you get in performance mode but ... more »