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Did you end up getting it and if so how you getting on? Though I'm not a traditional long term fan of the series I quite enjoyed 7 and really very much enjoyed the R2 Remake (one of the best games I've played in recent yrs).

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I read this post on another forum and thought it was pretty interesting and certainly a possibility. Not accusing the guy of anything: "The important thing to remember is that the Cart .50in SLAP M903 (Saboted Light Armour Penetrator) is issued in belts ... more »

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Very lucky indeed, dodgy ammo I guess.... Also important as to why you should wear safety glasses, as I'm sure they helped save his eye at least.

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I thought I'd post this here because it's in the realms of the bizarre compared to what I've ever seen and might be worth looking into for some people that are nearer - but on the weekend before last I travelled from north Norfolk to Wednesbury, and ... more »

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I'm no fan of the BBC (in fact I currently despise them) and even defended Clarkson initially at the time but you can't go round punching people in the face... He was out of order and deserved to get fired.

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Sry if it's already been mentioned but I'm currently going through a UK series called 'The Thick of It' . It's a sort of fly on the wall docu-style political drama/comedy. Can't help but get the impression it's sadly uncannily accurate...

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He really was something else... Chad and Ricky on James:

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I would love to see Kenny win the title but honestly there was nothing wrong with what Cooper did, nothing at all.

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Points wise he may not be better but in terms of his riding I think he looks significantly better. He has his 2013/14 Honda swagger back and is a potential threat for every race win now. Not saying that the Yamaha's a bad bike by any means but riders ... more »

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His youtube channel is very entertaining generally, most enjoyable one since Jeff Walker imo. He's just picked up a 96 CR 250 to restore - a bike and year close to my MX heart. Looking forward to seeing how it comes out, and then inevitably Tommy throwing ... more »

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This is looking promising:

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Yep, I've got through the base game twice but never the dlc either. Hard as nails that game, even by FromSoftware standards.

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Those times... Unbelievable how good the 450 class is!

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Ha, no not at all, I only play casually myself. Even as a long term Souls player I found Bloodborne probably the toughest of the lot, ironically especially at the beginning. I haven't tried Demon Souls yet but the absolute best one and the one with the ... more »

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CDPR are very good at story telling, very good, which is the best parts of both TW3 and Cyberpunk imo. I feel Cyberpunk has the superior moment to moment gameplay but that conversely the world itself (despite looking impressive) is seriously lacking ... more »

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I don't have a problem with what he said in and of itself because to me it's obviously just bravado humour, pub talk etc. I didn't have a problem with Trump for his infamous joke either for the same reasons. And let's be honest, women have their own ... more »

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As above a lot of the yrs suddenly rolled away hearing his commentary again... He's OK, they're both OK imo but I wouldn't put it stronger than that at the moment. I do still miss the Art and Bailey days, and for me Paul in the GPs is still the current ... more »

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He's not bad and he's definitely improved a lot. I do wish he'd do just a touch more on the technical side of what's happening like Malin, Langston and of course Bailey did - for instance about half way through the main with the whoop section breaking ... more »

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He's won races and of course the opener before but imo that was the best he's ever looked, certainly a match for his previous best. How that will translate across the series, different tracks etc, of course no one can really know at the moment, and obviously ... more »

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Absolutely unreal! Well done to Justin and Gas Gas. Very exciting season if that's anything to go by hopefully.