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The women for sure need more support from this sport.

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MXA has themselves obsolete. Their extreme bias and Jodys ego is so annoying, nothing is really worth reading anymore. Back in the day they use to be pretty close. in recent years, however, they must be riding different bikes from the ones I own cause ... more »

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I currently own a 2019 / 20 / 21 Yamaha 450. Absolutely love all of them. The 21 is probably the best bike I have ever ridden. I am a Vet A rider and have no idea of the complaints that I constantly here on-line about the bike and really think 1 person ... more »

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That's why Leigh is so good, he depends on his professional talent and let's them shine at the right time. It's also why Ralph was so terrible. Now let's get Jeff back in there and it would be perfect.

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So there is a bike in the class that has the most power, lighter by 10lbs which is huge in the class and is the cheapest, suspension travel not even being discussed which is also a big part of this class and the results of the "shootout" was "buy whatever color you can find". good job

then to not even mention the 3 or 4 other companies that make a bike in this class and not even mention the Kawasaki option of the 110L of the taller stance and a clutch option.

Seems to me this was a 1 sided test from the start and people found out that the bike they wanted to win was not the best option.

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Well then you better tell your governor, hes on TV begging companies not to leave the state. Just sayin...

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Its really not as bad as you think. Pretty much the same concept as the 2 stroke. The cams and crank are marked so its really easy to line up. ALWAYS replace the timing chain and tensioner when you do a top end, ALWAYS...... these are actually more important ... more »

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All my family and everybody I know there is doing everything to leave. They all also said that every business they work for is trying to move. COMMIFORNIA is headed for a collapse im afraid.

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Nope, sales are off the chart and dealerships cant keep stock. People are buying like crazy, people just think their used stuff is worth way more then it is so people just pony up and buy new. Plus it can be financed. I've seen local bikes being advertised ... more »

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He did, if you know how to read it. You put 2 things together, its very clear who the names are.

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I pick up a bike on Monday from a dealer Ive dealt with for over 30 years. He basically said they are barely getting any bikes this year, are basically making $200 on my deal (plus doc fee which we all know is a bs charge to the owner of the dealerships ... more »

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I am helped by a local dealer and basically they don't argue price, I buy 1 to 2 bikes a year and they sell them to me at $100 over cost and I have a 30 yr history with them. They make their money off me at the end of the year with they get their selling ... more »

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.6L is if you are NOT changing your filter and 1L is if you DO change your oil filter. At $5 for a filter, why you would ever change your oil and NOT change your filter is beyond me. And Yamaha sells them in 10 packs. There is a hole in 1 side of the ... more »

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poor quality oil or lack of oil changes is gonna be the 2 most common reasons but without the OP telling us which one, we will for sure never know.

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Judging by his picture he posted, that is an oiling issue. Judging by the sludge on the exhaust side bucket on the cam chain side and by the black oil on the buckets themselves, either he was using a poor quality oil or the oil has not been changed in ... more »

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My 18 had over 120 hours when I sold it. My son currently has 85 hours on his 19, oil still comes out brand new with no metal. My 20 currently has 45 hours. My 17 had over 200 hours, my 15 had over 150 hours, my 14 had over 150 hours, my 13, my 11, my ... more »

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It for sure has a HRC ECU on it if you look real close...

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I'm a big Barcia fan, but if he said the bike was a shitbox in SLC, then he's covering his own ass. I've rode for over 45 years, every brand under the sun. In 2018, Yamaha completely changed the 450 to be a good bike. With that being said, the 2020 YZ ... more »

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Track is totally different. Buuuuut, it was muddier at Des Nations

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And I own a 2019 also and the 20 is head and shoulders better then the 19...... and its an awesome bike.