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Number 9. RV said his PC exhaust adds 9 Horsepower🤔

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I just do it for this exact reason

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This, and never raced, dirty pictures of bike

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Thanks guys, appreciate yalls input. Yeah me either.. it was just the product reviews that I had read. Its just like 7 pounds of torque, I don’t use a torque wrench on mine, but just an idea of what it calls for. Honestly I do snug then a quarter turn ... more »

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Not trying to hi jack thread.... but I bought 2016 yz250f with 1 hour on it, and like the OP, It sat for 2-3 years in a basement, gas in tank. Bike runs fine, only put 4 hours on it so far.... what are some things I should check for? I’ve ran thru the ... more »

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You guys have any experience with these? I have a fairly new bike, 4.8 hours on her. I read the magnetic gytr drain bolts snap real easily.. now I don’t know if these guys are just idiots, or if the bolt is just shit. Any input is appreciated. I looked ... more »

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Start the bike, let the bike warm up (no more than 1 minute. Bad for bike to idle) and change it. Some will do their first ride on this oil and change. The factory oil is shit

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Lol I work a lot during the week. I’ll take some today

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They’re use to mx vs atv they’re lacking the muscle memory for 25%throttle 😂🙈

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I see that motoTape kid on Xbox from time to time. I’ll pass the message 😂his gamer tag is motoTape hard to miss it

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The user created tracks lack traction.. and not very fun. Also can’t play them online for some reason. Update? The stock tracks are better atm imo

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Petty stuff to complain about. All I see when I’m playing is the back of the rider, and a few side shots of the rider, idgaf if the boot is a bit off in sizing, the goggles well that’s lazy on them, there’s more important things than the way their gear ... more »

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What’s a good way to lure out a ground hog? Got one underneath my house.. possibly. Definitely has a tunnel system in my yard at the least

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Steep learning curve. I’m shredding now. Lots of turns are half throttle and the apex is more towards the end of The corners than in the mid corner like you’d expect it to be. Once you realize that you’ll get a lot faster. I use long wheel base and only ... more »

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I should post some videos of what it looks like to go fast and not slide. I will say lomel is way too slippery and should never be played, that track is broken. I’m glad they don’t take advice from you guys on vital 😂😂

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Pm sent!! Let me know, thanks.

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Just an illusion because you can’t see the awkward bike rider bouncing, silly

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On my Tacoma I used eye hooks. Now I don’t have any water drain holes though, but beats the cheap ass anchors they have on the side railings of the truck