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The Cylinder Works big bore kit (changes it from 350 to 366) comes with a Vertex piston, with standard compression. Vertex does offer a high comp piston, in standard bore, if you choose that route. If you are looking for more bottom end, I suggest the ... more »

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MotoMatt_928's 2016 Husqvarna FC350
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MX Locker has a set for sale. Here you go:

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Cylinder Works makes the 366 kit.

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Club57MX in Jax, FL.

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I run 14/51 with a 116-link chain (same as CRF450). Mine has a big bore 366 with headwork, cams, and tuned ECU. 62hp on T4 fuel.

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2021 KTM 150 SX
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These are the ones I have. I used to run the Acerbis that mounted on the bars, but had the same real estate issue that you are speaking about. These mount to the lever clamps, like the stock ones that come on most models. They are light, strong in the ... more »

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I have one and love it. Great working product!

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Have one on my '16 FC350 and it works great! Makes those "one-man-show" days that much easier.

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I have had three open heart surgeries myself. I have an aftermarket aortic valve and a grafted aorta. I waited 8 weeks to get back out on a motocross track, and probably another 2-3 weeks to turn the speed back up to where I was before. (Vet B/C rider) ... more »

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Another vote for MX-Tech lucky dual spring setup. I have had them in my Husky FC 350 for a little more than two years now, and it is the best mod I have done so far.

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I have never tried Nihilo's version, but I have used the Attack from RMATVMC, and it looks to be somewhat similar. I was not a fan of how abrasive it was, and the same thing with MotoTape. I use the P3 brand for my frame, and then clear skateboard tape ... more »

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I am on the hunt for the spring/spring version as well. I have not been able to find them anywhere, not even used. Daryl, if you are interested, I can sell you my black set of spring/air. I have them on mine now, but can throw the stock clamp on if you ... more »

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If you search my posts, you will see a thread where I post dyno and build info on my 2016 Husky 350 with a big bore kit. It has 60+hp and it feels just as light as a 250. Not just curb weight, but engine inertia as well.

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2016 FC350
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Big bore helped the bottom end on my 350, so it should do the same on a 250 if he is looking for more grunt. I agree on TLR. He did all of the work on mine, and it flat out rips! Todd is the man!!!

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I have a 2016 FC350 with the Cylinder Works 366 big bore kit, DCR intake cam, ported head, and tuned ECU on T4 fuel, and it makes 61.5hp. Stock was ~52hp, so I do not think you will get 15hp out of a 270 kit on a 250, even if you went with a more aggressive/oxygenated ... more »

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If it was the #21 Rockstar Edition maybe