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Here you go, sir. The first graph is a 2019 FC450. The second graph is my personal bike.

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I am a 34 year old Vet rider, and weigh 170 lbs. I ride a 2016 FC350, and it is my preference over the 450. I am less fatigued riding the 350 in the Florida heat and during longer motos, and it better suits my riding style. I have had three open heart ... more »

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For more stability and traction. I did not notice a huge difference on a motocross track, except in the whoops, but I noticed a the biggest difference on large sand rollers while riding in the woods.

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I added a link when I went to 14/52 with the stock 118 link chain. However, I now run a CRF450 axle and 116 link chain, with Ride Engineering's axle blocks. I went back to 14/51 because I have a 365cc motor with ported head, DCR cam, and tuned ECU, so ... more »

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Gen one Lucky's on my 16' Husky (with 17' AER forks) and love them. Jeremy and the boys do great work, and you will be happy you made the switch.

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I think you are on a SX-F 350 judging by the pic, which is similar to my FC 350. I have the same clamp, and run 110-115 psi in mine, for both moto and woods riding. IF you run a lower psi, you will bottom out the clamps and they will feel really sloppy. ... more »

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I had re-valved AER's, and settled on MX-Tech's Lucky system. Absolutely love the forks now. Vet rider, MX and woods.

Updated bike check MotoMatt_928's 2016 Husqvarna FC350 4/18/2019 1:10 PM
MotoMatt_928's 2016 Husqvarna FC350
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I wanted to post a follow-up. While out for surgery at the end of January, I took my bike down to TLR in Sebastian, Florida. The bike had 66hrs on it, and I felt it was time to open up the motor and check everything out, and freshen it up. In doing so,

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I wanted to post a follow-up to this. I had Dan grind me one of these cams, and then Todd added the Cylinder Works 366 big bore kit, his port and valve job on the head, along with a dyno tune on T4 fuel. The result was 61.5hp and 26.7tq. I rode it Saturday

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I never used to wear one. Three open heart surgeries with full sternotomy on each one, and the seven wires holding my sternum together, I now wear one with a full chest protector under my jersey.

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Keefer Tested podcast on iTunes. Search "Keefer ECU"

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Here is me at WW Ranch back in December, about to lap Mike Alessi.... Just kidding, he was lapping me. Haha.

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Nice job brother!!!

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I would be interested in a set. I have a 2016 FC 350.

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Dunlop! MX33 on the front, and MX12 on the back.

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Awesome stuff. Works great in the garage, and even better in the

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Not wanting to bash anyone with this comment but I have been noticing less and less "tech" content in the Pit Bits. I used to come to see factory bike close-ups, details, technology but I feel like lately, this has been giving way to more practice/riding shots.

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Dan is grinding me one as we speak. I should have it sometime next week. I am doing that cam, ported head, and a 366cc big bore kit on my 2016. I will let you know dyno results and how it feels once I get it all back together.

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Hello guys, surgery went well and I am recovering at the Mayo Clinic PCU unit. The valve went in with no issues, and I should have the normal recovery time. I should be out of the hospital on Monday. I appreciate all of the kind words, support, and prayers. ... more »