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Reply to Honda CRF OEM parts 2017-2020 250/450 7/5/2020 5:38 AM

Still have the shock?

Reply to Home motocross track photos 5/14/2020 2:10 PM

Dang, that’s looks like fun! Wish I had something to rip at my house.

Reply to Weege just Hit the Nail Squarely on the Head... 5/13/2020 8:55 AM

The art of disagreeing and talking things out has been lost. Good points from Weege. One thing that I feel, in my uneducated opinion, why this whole coronavirus ordeal is much different than other types of virus’ is the fear of the unknown. We don’t ... more »

Reply to Moto Fite Klub 5/12/2020 2:05 PM

Reply to Moto Fite Klub 5/12/2020 2:05 PM

I’ve got sound

Reply to Parting Out 2017 CRF450R 5/11/2020 6:34 AM

How much for linkage? Shoot me a text 908-892-1330

Reply to Shattered C/S sprocket 5/10/2020 5:02 PM

Did he have the purple power band installed?

Reply to Shattered C/S sprocket 5/10/2020 4:38 PM

Clearly HP

Reply to A post I hate to make. 5/8/2020 2:29 PM

Quite speechless, and eyes filled with tears, that was a powerful write up sir. I cant start to imagine what you and your family are going through. As the great Jimmy Valvano said, “don’t give up... don’t ever give up”. Life is precious, we love a dangerous ... more »

Reply to Do the new gen Fox helmets fit same as last gen? 4/24/2020 6:46 AM

I was thinking about going with a 6d to try them out but no one that I know of around here has them to try. Expensive trial and error if it doesn’t fit.

Reply to Do the new gen Fox helmets fit same as last gen? 4/24/2020 5:33 AM

Thanks for the info.

Reply to The Best Bike you have owned 2 or 4 Strokes (or both) through the years 4/3/2020 9:24 AM

Favorite: 17 CRF450RX. Just is a Swiss Army knife for me, can ride Moto, trails, and race hare scrambles all with just a couple clicker adjustments. Worst: 03 CRF450r. Just never jived with it.

Reply to The current state of Vital members without Supercross... 3/14/2020 5:22 PM

CORCS race in Colorado Springs tomorrow at Aztec if anyone is looking for something to do! See yous out there.

Reply to FS Ohlins Rear Shock (Honda) 1/29/2020 12:22 PM

Ah ok, so does it fit the 17 Honda?

Reply to FS Ohlins Rear Shock (Honda) 1/29/2020 9:57 AM

Can I ask why you are selling? Didnt like it? I was pondering trying some ohlins just to try it and see the difference.

Reply to Christian Craig? 1/26/2020 6:01 PM

We were there, not quite sure what happened but he went down real hard right after the sand section single there... just rewatched the broadcast to see what happened but didn’t show anything. Rough go for the guy.

Reply to Cerakoting 1/22/2020 7:27 AM

Might be interested in doing my clutch cover, how well does the cerakote hold up?

Reply to Industry Seating ? 1/16/2020 2:08 PM

Ive had the industry seating the past 3 years at glendale and its fine for me. I usually just end up standing at the top of the section and watch. Get to see all sorts of team people and such and BS with them. Last year I was talking to Chiz's dad for ... more »

Reply to Thoughts on Chiropractors? 1/7/2020 12:23 PM

So I've had lower back issues starting 12 years ago from the Army doing dumbass air assault crap. Ive had x-rays with spinal medical doctors (whatever you call them) and 3 of them said you're good to go. Well, no doc im not good to go my back hurts every ... more »

Reply to Pulp Fantasy Talk 1/6/2020 12:23 PM

This was my first go at this, I scored a 201, all my guys were in the main. Was watching the live scoring thinking, dang, over 200 has to end up pretty good... placed 1453... yikes.