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That is one lucky person right there... didn’t even flinch

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I have a 17 with about 145 hrs on it. Love this bike. I did however have a issue with the frame at about 20 hours, but Honda warrantied everything and haven’t had any issues since. 17/18 are the same bike except I think the suspension settings are different, ... more »

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as far as the modes, Im assuming you mean maps, short press the blue button and it will tell which map its in. one blink is map one , two blinks for 2, etc. To change them, long press the blue button, finger off the button, and it will blink 1, 2, or ... more »

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Interesting... I guess. Maybe it works, maybe not, something different. how are they doing qualifying times tho?

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Pm sent

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This is getting moranic (adjective).

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I use the toe socks, alternate each toe left then right, But the Birkenstock’s in whatever order.

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I went to thunder valley last year (maybe year before) during the week after the nationals before they changed the track back to how it normally is... whoa... its totally different. I mean those jump faces seem damn near vertical for the national, and ... more »

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this is the dude I talked to, very responsive through email: Matthew O'Shea Regional Event Specialist - Fitness ALSAC, the fundraising and awareness organization of St. Jude Children's Research Hospital Region 16 - Minneapolis 5353 Wayzata Blvd., Suite ... more »

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Yeah I hear you, we watched the 2nd motos from there last year and it was good enough, we just didn't feel like spending the $$ for tickets for all of us this year.

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like everyone has said, expect a hike, drink water, sunscreen, and have fun! We go every year and its a blast. On your walk out be careful... loose rocks downhill and it never fails you see people going down left and right. This year we just decided ... more »

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I use soft front (90) and medium rear. I ride all kinds of terrain and thats has been the best combo for me, everyone is different tho.

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Dang hope you found it! Where’d it get stolen from? Been a lot more shady stuff going on in the springs lately.

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Snow is good for the dirt here because its so damn dry here. It'd be a dust bowl otherwise.

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where's boomslang at on this?

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Don’t have the pants??

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Looking for matching pants to this jersey, close to a 34. Long shot but I figured I’d try. Thanks.

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Girl Scout cookie season is here and me and my wife are in an argument about thin mints. I think they suck, so who loves em and who hates em. Maybe it’s a weak poll but we need to settle this.

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Nice! Corcs is a great time, Ill be at a few races this year good luck!