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“Professional athlete” ummmmm not quite, but yea soon. I wasn’t defending his character thanks for the insinuation tho Craig. You like to judge and use outdated jokes so flame on cool guy

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Haiden is 16 dude….chill on the judging a kid threads. Let him grow into the Pro ranks next year and build off of each race without expectations on Vital coming from your layzboy

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Good tip. I had this problem on our Suv. Could not figure out why it kept veering right when i let off the throttle at highway speeds. RR dragging caliper was the culprit.

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I will gladly take your house.

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Anstie podium threat…….no. I like the guy but no.

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I like Dungey, think he has been great for the sport and continues to be. IMO he will not get any wins. He will be humbled. I think he can squeak a 3rd in late series races if he ends up doing all 12 rounds. He is a 3 time outdoor champ. But this much ... more »

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Ask Tyler Bowers about that whole not injuring anybody comment.

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Savatgy must be flying at the TT to get the spot. Here is hoping he puts in a full outdoor schedule and is consistent. He adds more depth in the 5-10 battles maybe sneak some top5s by seasons end. Last time he was on a Kawi he looked good when the bike ... more »

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Awesome build

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Can you imagine how much hype there would be today if a 16 year old podiumed his 2nd ever outdoor 450 national? Just saying, hype was kinda warranted. It just added that unneeded 🎯 . Warrior is still battling out there. Respect ✊.

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Whoever ran the graphics and design dept. at Kawi in the 90s deserves a bonus post dated cheque for their efforts

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Roczen flying in this edit! Good style

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Sucks to see great racers without rides. Calling on gasgas and that other new manufacturer from Britain to Triumph this challenge.

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Med Hat? Ross is a Canadian motocross Pioneer and legend. Winningest rider of all time in Canadian racing. Awesome you get to meet him! Have fun and ask him if he enjoyed working broadcast with CMRC giving pro tips at the nationals. I remember he had ... more »

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Brandon Hartranft

Dolph Lundgren ... more »
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Lol not a single person agrees with you….exit stage left

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Be weary of planted guns at protests. The cops took pictures of apparent rifles found in protestors vehicles and thats what gave them grounds to use force. Its the oldest bait and trap in the book. Stay non violent and keep protesting, we are not breaking ... more »

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I think its awesome when RC sees a rider getting whiskey and starts going ohhhhh wowwww ohhhhh. Gets me paying attention thats for sure. Somebody having a near miss or crash bout to happen

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Dylan is an amazing rider with top talent. Fastest qualifier in Glendale. He can and will win a main this season. Clearly a start is what he needs. He passes the most riders out of anyone, but going from 14th to 3rd is the same as getting a holeshot ... more »

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Will Vince still be riding 450 East coast?