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Yep.....should be docked. It didn't get caught when it happened so i doubt the 3 day old instant replay is going to change his results. Could you imagine if they took all of the archival footage and started making phone calls every time there was an ... more »

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Maybe they just want to MOTO!

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I personally would go with the Yamaha. Ktm is great but the biggest draw is the weight of the bike. Add spring forks and decent wheels and the advantage starts to go away. Yamaha stays tight for a longer period of time. If you are racing really tight/ ... more »

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Industry Seating is really good. Lots of great stories and very well spoken.

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It’s free content and they are both great for someone that loves everything motocross.

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Meh......I’m still good with both shows. Whiskey Throttle is great content. I love it. I also love all things Matthes. The amount of content available makes us the winners in this whole deal. It’s freaking amazing compared to when I was a kid and the ... more »

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They took my cal and helped tremendously as well. I use the Pro Plus. The 530mx confused me as to why they have it

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free some of the cats.... I just realized something......his right nipple bleehhhh. huuuuh huuuuh huuuh (splatter splatter splatter) i type i have vomit in mouth

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I'm at 100 hours! I ride hard enough and still nothing has broken (except the sub-frame). I haven't touched anything in the motor with the exception of 2 clutches. I'm debating whether or not to rebuild this motor or get a new '21. With the pricing on ... more »

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excellent! I miss the arenacross stuff and i think this will be perfect for Alessi to continue his career.

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I'm looking for the same thing. Litpro had a pretty cool setup with "Litpro Live." This system would give lap times/ segment times via small headphones that you wear under your helmet. The headphones were connected to a small bluetooth device. It worked ... more »

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I would go with the Works Connection glide plate. It fits perfectly and you don't have to remove it for oil changes. The GYTR one is good as well but you have to install a bracket on the engine mounts. No big deal.

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Go one or two sizes up from stock on the main jet. run 50/50 race gas.

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Great filters......last forever

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2013 Honda CRF250R 2019 Kawi KX450

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Mineral spirits.

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Communication, timely service, accurate repairs, attention to detail. Finish off whatever you do with a wipe down and tuck everything away cleanly. Visuals upon receipt of the work is huge. Good luck.....definitely need a few more good shops

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Never had hydro lock. If you pull the rod out oil can get in there when put back together. Clean everything and be conscious of he use rod when removing. This was discussed in the long ass thread but I’m not sure which page. How do you like the Rekluse ... more »

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There was a great interview with Jimmy Button about this subject. He talks about how, even though he had a decent recovery, he still has lingering effects from his broken neck. Tough subject to talk about. Some people don't have a full understanding ... more »