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is this just an advert for the des nations, seemed to be the only fan shots shown. Guessing Qatar and a few others fan shots wouldn't make you wet with excitement. Typical Youthstream smoke and mirrors

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I reckon RichardLoots holds the bag while RG1 fills it with sand for JH.. Jeeez ANY neg comment about him and they are all over it! That's fan love right there.

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Hindsight is a wonderful thing, but, IF he moved up in 2014, certain he would of won MXGP last year. He took the easier route to get more wins but it is turning into the harder route for sure. Instead of entering his 3rd year in MXGP he is still stuck ... more »

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Your leaving out the part where Musquin traveled half way across the world and spent time getting his head around a new world, race series and supercross too. Herlings has hidden from that challenge like a cat on fireworks night, he has admitted many ... more »

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As above, was there a break or just soft tissue damage and hell be good for A1?

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Have any of you actually met this 'kid'? I know there was a whole saga a while back but didn't catch the outcome or are you just entertaining a small mind to keep the peace - im confused : /

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Race So-Cal have been faultless each trip I've made, you are treated as a pro, nothing is too much for them. They offer good packages with trips to PC Troy Lee beaches etc collection/pick up from airport and SX or Nationals tickets included, they mix ... more »

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Darian will not be racing with Steve, his stable is now full according to a report from this weeks Dirt Bike Show -

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Just wrapped up the 2015 world speedway title. Gave a shout out and dedicated title to Darcy Ward and Mika Musquin both dealing with recent massive spinal injuries. Understand the Darcy shout but fair play for recognising another 2 wheel brother outside ... more »

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