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Just shows how tough this sport is. He has all the elements, but took some really tough hits. I was never a huge fan, but I'd like to see him turn it around.

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I was pumped to see this. The guy is on it!

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I think she used to post on Motodrive, unless he has more than one sister.

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Looks like the takeoff ramp is way lower than the landing ramp, and he didn't get much lift. This says he's in the hospital: ... more »

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I'm always a fan of Rupe's "chicks walking away" stalker pics.

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I'm not an economist or in the industry, but if every company in the USA hadn't out-sourced to other countries and we actually made anything here anymore, the situation might be different. 'Course companies had to do so to remain competitive.

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Marysville, CA has three tracks pretty much right next to the city (E-Street, Riverside and MMX).

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That's correct. A lot of Vet mx riders seem to be really big guys. I'm 150 pounds and a 450 was way too heavy and didn't suit my two-stroke style at all. But for a 6 foot dude that weighs 220, it's about right!

Started new thread Ethanol causing Jet-Skis to explode? 6/14/2021 1:45 PM

Here's a big old WTF!: A 48-year-old California man trying to start a personal watercraft on a trailer on a boat ramp died Friday when it exploded, authorities say. The 12:39 p.m. blast hurled Juan Antonio Pineda-Flores, of Moreno Valley, into the Colorado ... more »

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A term most Vital members have probably searched for at least once.

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I don't know what type of research you can do on this, but I heard in the last couple years of people sitting in line to get in for hours. This July is going to be a mad scramble with everybody traveling post-COVID. Not to be negative, but you might ... more »

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I was never really interested in having a family, since it just seemed like so much commitment and work. Then at 46 I got a woman 11 years younger than me pregnant, married her (since divorced), and my daughter is almost 7. Parenting has been some of ... more »

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Try a faster shutter speed- that should help with the out of focus. Also- get a lens cover (clear thing that covers end of lens)- otherwise you stand a good chance of a rock hitting it and chipping it, which will ruin your camera.

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I argued freight and set-up with customers so many times that hearing the words makes me tense up. Our dealership inflated the freight price a little bit. Most salesmen I worked with didn't even want to deal with dirt bike customers, especially racers ... more »

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Quotes from my late Dad, who I loved: "I hate motorcycles." "Haven't you grown out of that yet?"

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I once overheard "If you don't do that jump, we're going home."

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I give moto as we know it 20 years in California, sad to say. It's only a matter of time before sales of new internal combustion vehicles are illegal in this state- 2030-2035 is the time frame I predict, unless something radical happens.

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What happens when all the rent moratoriums come off and millions of people become homeless? I suppose they aren't the ones buying bikes anyhow.

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I like the guy at bottom left who hardly notices. Carrying trays is harder than you think. I was hungover at my restaurant job one day and started to lose a big tray of brunch dishes walking through the bar. I swear the tray was vertical as I stumbled ... more »